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A Comparative Study on the Mainland and the Hong Kong Family Ethical Play

Author PengJuan
Tutor DaiJianPing
School Guangzhou University
Course Journalism
Keywords the Mainland and Hong Kong Family ethics play Comparation of text communication function
CLC J905
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Family ethics drama has been one of the most popular types of drama Chinese audiences,especially in the90’s of last century, the period of social transformation. Rapid social changemakes it necessary to find a new position in the new economic and living order, rebuilding theconfidence for a better life."Golden","Empty Mirror","Chinese Style Divorce", create highratings again and again on the screen. A good ethics drama always be an easy job to acrossthe region, age and cultural differences to have a great influence. While in Hong Kong, thefamily ethical that play strong commercial atmosphere not only record new high ratings in thelocal, but also greatly loved by the mainland audience.Hong Kong family ethics drama, which integrates Chinese traditional culture, has longbeen neglected by theorists. In this paper, the return of Hong Kong to the motherland has suchtwo family ethical play a special period of time were discussed thoroughly. This paper ismainly from the point of view of text elements of drama itself, using TV basic principle andstructure to discuss, such as the characters in TV drama elements, narrative structure. At thesame time, in the course of the study, I use some of the communication theory that can beused flexibly of interspersed in the thesis. After defining the concept of family ethics drama,the text combed the development of two family ethical play. In the charge of different socialand political, the mainland and Hong Kong completely have different media ecologicalenvironment. But both have a common traditional culture. So in the fourth chapter, I willcompare the text from two aspects of similarities and differences in the choice of theme,character and narrative. In addition, the role in society is discussed from the aspects ofcommunication function and effect, the exchanges and cooperation in the dissemination of thetwo shortcomings and family ethics to the importance of promoting the creation level of thetwo TV series.

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