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Introduction to Modern Country Life Theme of Ink Figure Painting Creation

Author WangFang
Tutor ZhongRuQian
School Central South University for Nationalities
Course Art of Design
Keywords Country life theme Ink figure painting Emotional Form
CLC J212
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The figure painting is a mainstream form of Chinese painting, It has importantposition in the field of painting. Good ink painting is a soul, one of the important factorsis the painter to the innermost feelings to its own unique language form. With thedevelopment of society, more and more people are chasing fast to the city, on thecontrary, halcyon, the original ecological things begin to become the object of mecca,more artists began to seek inspiration from the original natural environment, expressdeeper cultural quality and humanistic feelings.Emotion is the source of paintings appeal, emotions are creation power directly forpainting from life to art. The charm of art is the creator’s spiritual world, emotions playan important role in the artistic creation, while rural drama creation get inspiration fromthe original state of life, constantly pay attention to and experience village life, show thedifferent culture. This article is analysis the development of ink figure painting featurestrajectory of the rural theme, from the language of pen and ink to form pictures andlanguage characteristics, for ink figure painting creation. At the same time, the grasp ofthe topic, digging the inner spiritual strength, for ink figure painting beyond the themeto work has an important significance.Article is divided into three parts, in the first part discusses the relationship betweenart and life with ink, concrete is divided into two part, namely the relationship betweenart and life and creative expression of the life forms of ink painting language, in the newera, art and life of the understanding of the relationship can be different from a newAngle, this new knowledge digest with the creation of ink and wash to make our currentof things to do. The second part mainly discusses the modern rural theme of ink figurepainting trajectories, emotion and form in figure painting development and creation ofthe collision, recognize that those two elements complement each other whileperformance figures and important influence on contemporary ink figure painting,specific points three periods were analyzed, and the period of the republic of China,both before and after the "cultural revolution", and in the new period. The third part isthe practice of rural theme of ink figure painting of self-knowledge, further explanationin the current environment, as practitioners, we should be how to better to hold figurepainting creation. First is your knowledge of choosing subject matter, from the reality of life experience as the basis, to express true feelings, and expression of good image ofthe grasp of the aesthetic taste and structure transformation of pen and ink, findthemselves in the form of language symbols.

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