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Study on Negative Effects of the Internet and Some Countermeasures To Them

Author PengJuanJuan
Tutor ChenFaJun
School Anhui Medical University,
Course Philosophy of Science and Technology
Keywords Internet Negative effects of technology Eliminate Countermeasures Information technology
CLC TP3-05
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In modern times,the development of science and technology has played an unprecedented role in promoting on society. At the same time, its double-edged nature is also more clearly apparent. Internet as one of the tools of science and technology, it is playing an increasingly important social role. However, it brings convenience to us, also highlight the negative effects of its increasingly large.This article analyze that Internet as a new carrier of information dissemination and technology usage with some examples, it will lead to many legal, ethical and social issues. Use the theory of technology duality, analyze and discuss the specific factors from the natural attributes and the social attributes of the negative effects of Internet. In the natural attributes, the increasing of entropy will have a negative impact on the natural environment of using Internet. In the social attributes, Internet has five defects including technical, legal, institutional, ethical, and digital divide. Proposed some eliminate measures related to these defects, thus reducing or avoiding the negative effects of the Internet.There are four major countermeasures of the negative effects eliminate of Internet, namely technical eliminate, legal eliminate, system eliminate, and ethical eliminate. In technical eliminate, it can use some technology such as information filtering technology, the network identification technology, the Internet service provider management technology, the Internet cafe management technology and the authentication of electronic evidence technology. In legal eliminate, put forward some new ideas and proposals on privacy and intellectual property rights for the network protection, virtual property protection in the network game, and the identification of electronic evidence. In system eliminate, through on improving establishment of organizations or institutions for the Internet management, develop information technology on central and western regions in China, promulgate relevant systems on personal privacy and intellectual property policies, establish some systems about Internet cafe management at the same time, strengthen the building of the qualified personnel of network, and proposed the further standardization of human flesh search, thus to play its effective value in reasonable. In legal eliminate, it can refer to Li-lun’s theory, he put forward some ethical principles including justice, reciprocity, compatible, no-harming, informed consent, and the Computer Ethics of American Association offered“Ten Commandments for Ethics”, it can be also constraint unethical behavior effectively. In particular, it must be emphasized that the ethics and moral education of young people is very important, schools and families play a crucial role in the education and guidance. In addition, the supervision of public media and industry self-regulation model requires further specification.Through this study, it can improve network moral standards of the public, and play positive social values better, provided some methodology about relevant laws, policy and technical management for the next. Of course, this research needs to further develop a more comprehensive assessment system to predict the negative effects of the Internet, in order to carry out effective prevention and control. In addition, the application of real-name system of network, and the ethics of human flesh search have yet to be discussed in more details.

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