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The Analysis of Visual Symbols in Movie Posters

Author ZhangYinLiang
Tutor WeiKai
School Xi'an University of Engineering
Course Art of Design
Keywords movie posters visual symbols visual language
CLC J524.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Along with the movie,movie poster has more than100years ofhistory, and with the rapid development of the movie industry,movie poster design also appeared in several new methods of designs,and gradually matured. The famous Japanese designer once said:"Theposter is a silent propaganda.[1]An excellent poster design usuallypossesses a clear theme, a creative artistic image and a strongvisual effect, and conveys the information of movie to the publicthrough the visual symbols in the movie poster quickly andaccurately. Visual symbols express the artistic appeal, unique artstyle, and a strong visual impact to the publicity through the image,color, composition, and sense of form. This thesis discusses theapplication of these visual symbols in the movie poster design,tries to find the application law of the visual symbols in the movieposter, expects to provide useful and expressive ideas to enrichposter designs.This thesis is divided into seven parts to analyze the visualsymbols in the movie poster design. The first part, according tothe current development of the movie poster design and the visualsymbol in the plane poster design, brings about the possibilityof applying the semiotic theory in the movie poster design. Fromthe point of Semiotic, this part gives the interpretation of thesymbols hidden in movie posters, explores the constitute thinkingin poster design, tries to figure out the internal structure andlanguage generated by movie posters, reveals the development ofinternal rules and external locus of movie poster design, andexplores the contents of visual symbols in the movie posterdesign.The second part analyses the visual symbols in the movieposter: the variation of visual symbols in the course ofdevelopment of the movie posters. The third part analyzes thesymbolic elements of visual symbols in movie poster designs,including the symbolic properties of points, lines, surfaces, fromthe potential symbolic elements into image; the symbolicattributes of the text; symbolic attributes of the graph; symbolicattributes of color. The fourth part researches accuracy, vividsimplicity, aesthetic forms, manifestations, realism in the form of graphic language of visual symbols in movie poster design. Thefifth part gives the interpretation of visual symbols in the movieposter design cases: some enumerations of Masters illustrate thespread of visual symbols, and convey the emotional and socialfactors, and emphasize the value and culture in movie posters. Thesixth part summarizes the process of creative thinking, creativeforms of expression, layout composition strategies and expressionpatterns in special instances. The seventh part discuses the useof semiotic theory to improve the theoretical framework of movieposter design, and takes the discourse as the carrier of posterdesign, builds the integrity of semiotics in movie poster design.In this thesis, it explores the symbolic language to the movieposter design, introduces the research methods of semiotics tovalue the design as a new visual means of communication and designtools; the skilled use of the symbol is a typical characteristicof mature design work; the study of symbolic language in the movieposter provides a reliable manner to aesthetic designs, and expandsthe aesthetic angles in movie poster design.

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