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The Relation between Manchu Traditional Dermatoglyphic Pattern and Chinese Elements

Author XiaJia
Tutor LinJingYang
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords Manchu’s traditional dermatoglyphic pattern Manchu’s culture Chinese elements
CLC J522
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Manchu’s traditional dermatoglyphic pattern is one of the representative of the Chineseelements. The investigation of Manchu culture in the Chinese elements begins from theorigins of Manchu. The research of the origins is in two aspects. One is analysing the culturalsign of Manchu from the angle of the sense of vision, the sense of hearing, andholographicalization; the other is studying the cause of formation of Manchu culturethroughing the influence of different culture on Manchu culture, and refining Manchu uniqueregion characteristic, ethnic group character, and belief.The faith of Manchu is about the adoration on language and the Manchu Shamanism’sbelief of “animism”. The adoration on language makes Manchu formed a unique expressionmode of folk custom.“Animism” is that Shamanism adores jinn, ancestor, animals and plants,and is a transition from surface to tridimension, to space, and to action. In this transitionpattern, from flat surface to stereoscopic, is done by visual language knowledge whichanalyzes the structure and renderer of Manchu’s traditional dermatoglyphic pattern; fromstereoscopic to space, is that Manchu’s traditional architecture tridimensionally representsdermatoglyphic pattern, and forms a space of phantom. Then, the belief is set upright. Fromspace to action, is that Manchu prayed for blessings, and prayed for a son.Manchu’s traditional dermatoglyphic pattern at above-mentioned belief foundationbecame a cultural picture with ethnic feature. The dermatoglyphic pattern is on the base ofManchu’s conception of universe with three layers of “Sky, People and Earth”, on the base ofthe excellent dermatoglyphic pattern foundation of the history. At the same time, under theinfluence of western classical art of corresponding period, Manchu’s traditionaldermatoglyphic pattern had the unique art expression mode in the shape, topic, and structurelanguage, express the skill method etc. It also had important influence to the art developmentof the future generations.The influence of Manchu’s culture upon the modern age and the modern art design isextremely profound, the manifestation of Manchu’s traditional dermatoglyphic pattern isabundant colorful, many traditional dermatoglyphic patterns follow to use up to now, a lot of styles have already represented the Chinese elements to spread within the scope of world.Manchu’s traditional dermatoglyphic pattern has very important research value as a brightpearl of Chinese culture; and the relation of the Chinese elements and Qing Dynasty culture isalso deserve to investigate.Currently, some modern arts and visual spreads are mostly in the wrong way of usingthe traditional Chinese elements. Studying the deep contact of Manchu’s traditionaldermatoglyphic pattern and the Chinese elements, provides the theories support of theinvestigation of Chinese elements applied in the arts and visual spreads.

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