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A Comparative Study of Numerical Cultural between Chinese and English from the Perspective of Cultural Vacancy

Author ZhangRui
Tutor HuaJinMu
School Xinjiang Normal University
Course Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Cultural vacancy Numerals between C-E Numerical cultural
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Numeral is a special symbol and vital composition of language. It is formed anddeveloped by the need of human life and production. It is closely related to humanlife and associated with the development of human society and changes. Due to thenational cultural psychology, values, aesthetic psychology, religious, social customsand so on. There are various cultural connotations in numerals and formed a uniquenumeral cultural phenomenon.This paper talks about the comparative study of numerical cultural connotationsbetween English and Chinese from the perspective of cultural vacancy from fiveparts. The first part is the introduction, talk about the reason to choose the topic,purpose and meaning and literature review. The second part is the theoretical basis.Talk about the definition and the classification about cultural vacancy. The third partanalysis the connotation of the lucky number between the English and Chinesecultural by religious, philosophical ideas,and social life.The fourth part analysis theconnotation of the unlucky number between the English and Chinese cultural. Thefifth part analysis the cultural factors between English and Chinese numbers. Studythe numeral cultural between English and Chinese not only help us to understand thedifferences of the two cultural, but also help us to understand the deep culturalbetween two cultural and play an important role in cross-cultural communication.Chinese and English are belonging to two different cultural systems. Thenumeral cultural showed different connotations not only in form, but also in content.The numeral cultural research between English and Chinese has been a hot topic inlanguage and cultural studies. So, the study try to compare the cultural connotation ofauspicious and taboo figures in the Chinese-English from the perspective of culturalvacancy.and analysis the factors. The thesis classifies vacancy in to four types, that iscomplete vacancy, part vacancy, conflict vacancy and zero vacancy. Number“4、13”are belong to complete vacancy, Number “3、5、7、8、9”are belong to part vacancy,Number “2、6” are belong to conflict vacancy, Number“1、10”are belong to zerovacancy. Besides,also explained the Chinese figures with special cultural connotation:“12、18、36、72、108、250” and English figures “11、12、40、666”. In all,The study not only focus on analysis the individual difference but also discuss thefactors between similarities and differences.

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