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On Raymond Williams' Stheory of Structure of Feeling

Author XieZuo
Tutor WangJieQun
School Xiangtan University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords Raymond Williams structure of feeling cultural analysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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As one of the founders of British cultural studies, Williams’s cultural materialism not only refreshes the traditional understanding of culture, also created a new era cultural studies which belong to him. Structure of feeling as one of the key words of cultural studies, since Williams is put forward for the first time, just because of its constantly enriched connotation and the greater inclusiveness, received wide attention of scholars.Williams’s theory of structure of feeling is based on a redefinition of the concept of culture and of rebellion against the "economic base determines the superstructure" and ideology distinguish. In Williams’ point of view, structure of feeling tend to a stable and clear structure exists in our life in the most subtle and elusive. Structure of feeling differs from that of ideology, it is prior to the existence of ideology. It is not been about to the customs agency contains a period of some haven’t found the common experience of external counterparts, which is the direct reflection of the complicated social experience, and it must be based on distributed can be refined by understanding on personal experience.In Williams’s cultural study, the theory of structure of feeling was seen as a methodological assumption, it’ is possible for him to use literature as a cultural text to analysis culture. And therefore, personal experience and the integration of broad social experience will be dispersed, make the individual and society is no longer as opposites, but the mutual fusion and dependent on each other.Structure of feeling is not only to the past experience of inheriting, it contains creative response to the past experience, thus forming a kind of new way of feelings. This new way of feeling is in constant change, so it is not the rigidity of the solidification. Because of the structure of feeling of emotion and often in a state of tension, so the structure of feeling is a kind of dynamic structure. In the context of the whole culture, structure of feeling is a dynamic process, generated in the dominant culture, emerging culture and residual cultures struggle, and always in a state before emerging cultural context. In the context of the society as a whole, the structure of feeling often associated with the revolution of new class and reflected the social change.Structure of feeling influence on literary, culture and social structure, according to Williams, is actually a long revolution. He will be human’s entire way of life as a whole, both in industrial revolution and social revolution,cultural revolution is an integral part of the whole. The theory of structure of feeling is an important in the overall cohesion, communication not only the literature and culture also has access to the individual and society.

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