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Generative logic of cultural practice and its future trend test - A Study Based on Zygmunt Bowman s theory of culture

Author ZhuQiangZuo
Tutor XiaoShiYing
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords Zygmunt Bauman Cultural as Praxis Cultural Contradictions Freedom
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Needless to say, the" culture "in our time occupies a very significant position. This paper researchs on Zygmunt Bauman’s culture theory is start at a real problem, namely, the " Culture as a survival predicament offers a range of efforts to deal with internally consistent"(Daniel Bell), In the present reality of human life highlights the profound anxiety, crisis and difficulties. I believe that these "Cultural problems" are not new situations of the human spirit in the moment, but at an ancient awakening-Human nature is culture. Overall, culture rooted in human practice’s self-evidenced, cultural mapping the ideal of human survival with the limited nature of this basic contradiction. From the dimension of historical materialism, the generation and evolution of cultural values in the face of social change in thinking and emotional reactions, and it belongs to the " superstructure". Generation logic of cultural praxis and the future direction of fundamental terms as a basis or a prerequisite for social and historical situation determined. The interpretation of the effect of the generation logic domain of cultural praxis can not always beyond the living human practice. Therefore, to explore the cultural anxiety of our era, the root causes of the crisis and the plight of its crack the possibility of the program, it is necessary to proceed from the social and historical conditions, culture is on this basis that the occurrence and development, and display of cultural praxis in the historical dimension generation logic, to analyze the propulsion or constraints, survey and its contradictions generated by social historical roots, its logic, the course of history to give coverage to explain, describe and assess.Internationally renowned as a contemporary master of sociology, the way of the modern theory of the "roadmap" style characters, Bowman’s theory to the broad issues of concern related to sociology, philosophy, political science, ethics, and many other fields. Impressive in my opinion, Bowman cultural theory, his roving cultural contradictions "intervention" profoundly reveals its roots in our history obtained the freedom of self-determination. Therefore, the answer as an attempt on the real problem, this paper attempts to reveal the contradictory nature of the culture and its deep demonstration of logic system combing and interpretation of the Bowman cultural theory, historical materialism sight, and thus the possibility of the program to explore the root causes of anxiety, crisis and the plight of our contemporary culture and its crack.This paper is divided into three parts of the introduction, body and conclusion. The first Introduction is the meaning of this article, research methods, an overview of the research goals and Bowman research status of cultural theory. Two to seven chapters are the paper’s body. The second chapter is a panoramic sketch of Bowman ideological outlook. Three to seven chapters by the Commentary Bowman cultural theory, discussed the origin of culture and its contradictions of the modern process of generation of nature, culture and the contradictory nature of self-expand the cultural contradictions of nature physiognomy and its essence, the Cultural Contradictions historical and logical consequences of the nature of dialectical development, structure and set future cultural self-realization of a contradictory nature. Conclusion part is a pack of this paper, but that does not mean the cultural praxis of the human itself with, and future-oriented the unlimited open topic on the end.

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