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Analyze the Concrete Contents of Mao Zedong's Cultural Thoughts in the New Cultural Three-self View

Author LiuKang
Tutor WuChangShun
School Henan University of Technology
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords Mao Zedong’s Cultural Thoughts Cultural Self-consciousness Cultural-confidence Cultural Self-improvement
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In the21st century, the cultural construction of socialism with Chinesecharacteristics has entered a new stage, which makes a historic progress and adevelopment. Chinese advanced culture can promote the establishment of the socialistcore value system and reflect the basic characteristics of Chinese socialism. Chineseadvanced culture can also collect the strength of the Chinese people of all ethnicgroups. The deepening of Chinese cultural reform and the development of Chinesesocialist culture become a major topic in today’s society. Cultural consciousnessmeans that a country or a nation can explicitly define what its national culture is andgrasp the principles underlying the development of the culture. The premise ofcultural self-confidence is the cultural consciousness. Cultural self-confidence ismainly refers to a nation’s attitude towards its own national culture and the foreignculture. The ultimate goal of cultural awareness and cultural self-confidence is toachieve the self-improvement of the national culture. Cultural self-improvement is aform embodies the success of cultural construction, which provides power to thecountry’s all-round development.In the process of social development, economy, culture and politics should beharmonious. All three is an organic whole and is inseparable. The inheritance anddevelopment of culture concern the smooth progress of comprehensive constructionof socialism with Chinese characteristics and the great revival of Chinese nation.Based on the analysis and summary of Mao Zedong’s cultural thought and practiceresults, the thesis researches and explores the perspective to understand culture, theattitude towards culture and the way of thinking to develop culture. It explores thetheoretical value of Mao Zedong’s cultural thought as well as its importantenlightenment on the construction of contemporary advanced culture. The thesismainly involves four aspects of cultural construction.Firstly, from a new perspective of cultural self-consciousness, it studies MaoZedong’s cultural thought in new democracy and socialist period, deeply understands and expounds the connotation and significance of cultural self-consciousness, andexplores the meaning and responsibility of cultural self-consciousness in the culturalconstruction. Second, the thesis researches Mao Zedong’s cultural thought in newdemocracy and socialist period from the perspective of cultural self-confidence. Byorganizing information, it gives a correct definition of cultural self-confidence. Andby seeking the relationship between cultural self-consciousness and culturalself-confidence, it discusses the attitude and way of cultural self-confidence.Secondly, this thesis studies the ideological contents about culturaldevelopment during the new democracy Period and communist times from the newperspective of cultural self-improvement. By the accurate understanding of therelationship among cultural self-improvement, cultural self-consciousness andcultural-confidence, it will maintain the position and function of culturalself-improvement in cultural development.Thirdly, it will analyze the concrete contents of Mao Zedong’s cultural thoughts indifferent social periods from the new cultural three-self view. And it will show theimportant function of specific cultural thoughts during the development of Chineseadvanced culture with the use of the relationship among cultural self-improvement,cultural self-consciousness and cultural-confidence.In the end, through the observation of Mao Zedong’s cultural thoughts fromthe new cultural three-self view, it summarize the experience and methods at differentperiods of time and try to find out the enlightenment of Mao Zedong’s culturalthoughts for the development of modern advanced culture, the enhancement ofnational cohesion, the perfection of socialist core value system and the improvementof culture soft power and comprehensive national strength.

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