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An Analysis of Jameson's Late-capitalist Culture

Author LiuSha
Tutor TianJing
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords Jameson postmodernism late-capitalist culture
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Fredric Jameson is an American literary critic and Marxist political theorist. He accomplished integrated analysis of economy, culture and politics of late capitalism. The theory he conceives was instinct with Marxism and postmodernism.Jameson completed his analysis of postmodernism culture historically and dialectic ally. He took this analysis as the cultural logic of the trend of late capitalism. The studies on genesis and features of late capitalism were thought to be profound. Therefore, researches on Jameson Thought will be advantageous for us to understand the contemporary cultural trends. Simultaneously, western postmodernism cultural theory and the analysis of features of modern society will significantly influence the cultural construction theoretically and realistically in China’s future.In this article, the interpretation of Jameson Thought on late capitalism was accomplished. The analysis of genesis, features and developing trends of postmodernism has been carried out.The introduction section was mainly focused on the review of china and foreign research status and the significance of this article. Social and theoretic background of Jameson’s postmodernism cultural theory was introduced in chapter two. A discussion of the source of Jameson’s cultural view was carried out. It is considered that Jameson’s cultural view was mainly originate from Marxism, Frankfurt School, Post-structuralism and psychoanalytic theories. In chapter three, we summarized the late capitalism cultural values of Jameson. The research content of Jameson’s cultural theory was introduced. And the cultural phenomenon of post-modern society was analyzed. Among the post-modern period, popular culture became the core of mainstream. Therefore, Jameson’s critical theory of popular culture was also analysed in this article together with the introduction of the figures of the rise and development of post-modern social popular culture. In chapter four, mainly introduces the background and the development of popular culture in China, and then analyzes that popular culture in China does have some postmodern characteristics which summarized by Jameson in his cultural theory. In the following section, uses the method that combined common and characteristics to explain Chinese popular culture is not completely controlled by the erosion of post-modern western culture, still maintains their own characteristics. The conclusion dialectically evaluates Jameson’s cultural theory, hope for China’s culture construction to povide useful guidance.The characteristic of this paper is combined with more hot cultural phenomenon of Chinese society to analysis of the Chinese public culture has some postmodern characteristics. In addition to lay emphasis on the idea and theory of predecessors outside, we have to know that social phenomenon is revelation to us. In Jameson’s theory, he put the theory and social reality combined. This article is also tried to combine the theory and the actual situation of Chinese public culture to analyse.

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