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Post-modernist Culture Signs of Medium Narrative

Author JinShan
Tutor RenZuo
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords Medium Narratology Discourse Postmodernism Narrative Signs
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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As a way of communication and expression, the angle of view, the distance,the person inmedia/medium and the clues of narrative all represent themselves uniquely in postmodernism,which are quite different as usual. That is closely related to its background of Epistemology.The post-modernist thought system was given birth by the collapse of the Modernistic GrandNarrative, which formed since occidental Enlightenment Era, and by the eclipse ofmodernistic legitimate status. The Postmodernism refuses to standardize the methods ofnarrative with “cause and effect”, that’s to say it does the discourse narrative breaking thedated mode “beginning, middle, ending”; it analyses the structure of languages, never showspeople a well-ordered, standardized and concurrent sight; it makes the motive not work alongthe traditional linear trajectory, but work along the non-linear trajectory with lots of keys, inorder to keep the discourse mode open.The Postmodern Medium Narrative doesn’t chiefly depend on oneness of the center, butthe diversified essence of the language games. It is not one but many, not focus but dispersion,not sameness but the difference in the Ontology. The theory considers that there isn’t auniform center in narrative structures of any media, because it is not itself at any time, italways be transformed by the substitute.“The center are not natural being all along. It is notsettled, it’s just a function, a non-being. There are countless substitutions here, and theytransforms themselves into another forever.”(Derrida said). In other words, why any narrativemode has no unalloyed center is that it keeps movement in the configuration at all times. Onthe whole, not only did it become new center things, but it also changed other things over andover again.The topic of narrative has existed for ages, but it’s not a long time since it became asubject.“Narratology” came into being in France by the end of60s of20th century. As a newsubject, it has become a significant kind of cross-disciplinary academic trend of thought allover the world, by right of its academic energy and osmosis. From1980s, narratology beganto enter into China gradually. From translating western representative academic works onnarratology to doing research on the basis of unique modes of texts and words in Chinese, theChinese scholars have made a large contribution to develop and improve the theories. The thesis beginning with the basic concepts, the definition about medium has brokenthe superficial layer of the traditional morphology; about the materiality of media, it isn’tlimited by the noumenal implemental category of common communication, and affords theperfect explanation in accord with contemporary era; it also trace the genesis and charactersof narrative theories across-the-board; it focuses on the culture signs of the post-modernistnarrative, discusses the characters of text narrative, which in the postmodernism, and uncoverthe cause of formation of the post-modernist methodology. The thesis expects acomprehensive understanding of narrative by means of studying on the theoretics ofpostmodernism.

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