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Cultural Industry Efficiency Evaluation Study based on Sectoral Innovation System

Author HaoYanHui
Tutor GuoShuFen
School Shanxi University of Finance
Course Technology Economics and Management
Keywords Culture industry sectoral system of innovation three-stage DEA efficiency evaluation
CLC G124
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Culture industry is a sunshine industry at the core of creativity,with the characteristics oforiginality, strong fusion, long industrial chain, correlation degree. In addition, Culture industry hasa strong spillover effect;it can drive a series of related industry development and promote theintegrated linkage effects.In recent years, Chinese government attaches great importance to thedevelopment of cultural industries, proposed a series of policies to promote the development ofcultural industries.1990s Italian scholar Breschi and Malerba proposed industrial innovation systemtheory, which is based on systems theory, evolutionary economics and national innovation. manyscholars continue to study innovation system theory.The industry innovation system theory iswidely used in industry research.This paper studies the efficiency level of China’s cultural industry from the industrialinnovation system theory.First of all, this paper uses sectoral system of innovation theory to analyzethe cultural industry innovation system elements, including cultural enterprises, otherparticipants(universities, research institutions, financial institutions, etc.), network(InnovationNetwork, the cultural industry chain, the integration industrial network), demand, government,institution and system operation and co evolution. Based on the perspective of industrial innovationsystem, the paper analysis the present situation of the development of cultural industry of ourcountry.The result shows that more categories of cultural enterprises, listed companies culturedeveloped rapidly in recent years, but the small number of companies compared with otherindustries supervisor;innovation network system of cultural industry has the complexity; culturalindustry has huge market demand,and rural cultural industry market needs to be developed;government played an important role in the development of cultural industries, however,some localgovernments had been overly depended on policy phenomenon; cultural industry system canestablish restraint mechanisms and incentives for the development of cultural industries; variouselements have a good running efficiency and better coordination, the cultural industry developedrapidly, but cultural industry still has some distance to reach the national pillar industry.The paper uses literature analysis, theoretical analysis and expert consultation method toconstruct cultural industry efficiency index system.Using a three-stage DEA,the paper analysiscultural industries of31provinces efficiency level, the analysis shows that cultural industry of thewestern regions is relatively backward; compared with the eastern region, central and westernregions of cultural industries are more susceptible to the development of environmental factors;GDP and per capita consumption expenditure for culture and entertainment have a positive effect ondevelopment of cultural industries; spending culture, sports and media expenditures and operatingexpenses for the cultural showed the reverse effect on development of cultural industries. Finally,for the problems of cultural industry development,the paper puts forward relevant proposals.

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