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Fusion and Symbiosis

Author LiDongCai
Tutor ZhangYuDong
School Huaqiao University
Course Philosophy
Keywords Overseas Chinese Universal Commmunication Cultural Paradigms World History Historical Materialism
CLC G112
Type PhD thesis
Year 2013
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Overseas Chinese Studies is a relatively independent research field in China.Common research perspectives include historical, economics and internationalrelations, resulting in abundant research results and comparatively refined researchmethods by far. However the research on overseas Chinese cultures is a new domain,mostly focusing on narrow subject matters such as Chinese language education anddiffusion of Chinese language. The angle of cultural philosophy in overseas Chinesestudies have been missing, particularly so with Marxist cultural philosophy. As worldhistory unfolds itself, the application of cultural philosophy on overseas Chinesecultural studies has become a necessity, aiming for the induction of general rules ofoverseas Chinese culture developments.There exists a direct link between the application of Marxist cultural philosophytheories in overseas Chinese culture studies and the development of the contemporaryworld history. The unfolding of world history has been strongly pushed by theinternationalization of capitalist production modes. From a micro view, this unfoldingis a direct result of activities of international immigrants including overseas Chinese.In Marx’s view, it is the capitalists who opened up the world market and started theworld history. But, specifically speaking, world history has indeed been pushed by themore extensive international immigration movements. The unfolding of worldimmigration movements must inevitably be accompanied by the development ofworld cultures, which is an indispensible part of world history development. Based onhis materialistic historical view, the world history theory of Marx scientificallypredicts the overall development trend of world cultures and world history. Hence, theapplication of materialistic historical view in the objective inspection of overseasChinese cultures is an ever-deepening foundational project, a mandatory request ofin-depth overseas Chinese studies.The formation of overseas Chinese cultures is a mixture result of diversifiedcultural traditions. The formation of such cultural traditions, realistically speaking, isa developmental process of proactive selecting, criticizing and inheriting existingtraditional Chinese cultures as well as other cultures. In this formational process,multiple cultural traditions have been able to integrate among themselves and reach into a new overseas Chinese cultural tradition.In respect of cultural forms, overseas Chinese culture is a blend of diversifiedtraditions, a prodcut of the interaction of heterogeneous cultures. It is an organicintegration instead of simplistic adding-up of various cultures. Multiple culturaltraditions have been able to continue its preservation through interacting withhetereogeneous cultures. Consequently, the research on the cultural paradigms ooverseas Chinese could provide reliable real-life basis for the communication amongdifferent cultures. Existing cross-culture communication research usually departsfrom the development and change of cultures per se, whose conculsions more oftenthan not lacking in philosophical value, only applicable to particular cultures. It ishigh time to place cultural exchange into the braoder framework of human historydevelopment. The internationalization of production modes is accompanied with theformation of world history, whose unfolding means an ever-closer livingcommmunity of the whole man kind. The development of community life willinevitably lead to a unified world culture, proving itself as a scientific logic of thefinal realization of a world culture.

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