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A Countermeasure Study on the Development of the Rural Culture of Qingzhou City

Author ZhangPeng
Tutor YangLiShe
School Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course Rural and Regional Development
Keywords Qingzhou rural culture problems Countermeasure
CLC G249.27
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Along with the rapid progress of science and technology and economic globalizationpromoted simultaneously, China ’s economic and social development has entered a stage ofrapid development. And into a comprehensive well-off society processes. New ruralconstruction at this time put on the agenda. Rural cultural construction in rural areas as animportant indicator of development, has been widespread concern in society. Direction ofdevelopment of the rural cultural construction and measures of a vast number of experts andscholars in a research hotspot. Qingzhou for the ancient "Nine," one of the original1986Yidu County county to city. A total area of1569square kilometers, is the Mid-semi-plainterrain structure. Green Island has a long history and splendid culture. From the HanDynasty to the early Ming Dynasty, Qingzhou, Shandong region continued trade, political,cultural, economic, and military center." Qingzhou Museum " is the National Museum, theCloud Gate Mountain Scenic Area is a national key scenic spots, Camel Hill is a national keycultural relics protection units, sky Mountain Forest Park was named the National ForestPark. Longxing Buddhist statues known as China’s " one hundred twentieth centuryarchaeological discoveries " one. In such a rich and varied cultural background, Qingzhoucultural construction in rural areas will also reflect the status of the construction of the basicconditions of rural culture.In this paper, learn more about the history of Qingzhou, Qingzhou, cultural backgroundand cultural construction, based on the clear responsibility of the main cultural construction inrural areas. This article discusses the cultural construction in rural areas as an important partof the construction of socialist culture, building a new countryside in a big situation, both forthe construction of new countryside provide a powerful spiritual force, ideological andintellectual support the mission, but also shoulder the harmonious cultural construction; butalso to meet the increasing grassroots multi-level, multi-faceted spiritual and cultural needs.The majority of grassroots cultural rights and interests of effective protection of the firm andexpand the party’s base, train new farmers and rural community development for the villageunder the guidance of the government have been effective governance is important. In recentyears, rural cultural construction Qingzhou get a better development, rural public culturalservice level has been further improved, to promote the process of building new countryside has played a positive role. But on the whole, relatively backward rural cultural constructionand can not meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs of the peasant masses.In this regard, we conclude that the development of rural cultural industry from thefollowing aspects to promote Qingzhou upgrading rural cultural industries, sustained andrapid development. Changing concepts, multiple channels to raise funds to strengthen therural cultural construction; attaches great importance to cultural development in rural areas,farmers should focus on improving the overall quality; encourage and support thedevelopment of cultural industries in rural areas; improve the rural cultural construction ofinstitutional mechanisms to strengthen the cadres and professionals team building; broadenthinking, construction of rural characteristics and culture. Believes that participation in thereferendum, Qingzhou rural cultural construction will achieve more excellent results.

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