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The Analysis on Evaluation Scale in Marx's Social Development Theory

Author FanJing
Tutor MaFengQiang
School Xinjiang Normal University
Course The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords Marx social development evaluation scale
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Marx’s Social Development Evaluation Scale Theory is an important part ofMarxist social philosophy and development theoretical. Establish scientificevaluation scale of social development is to promote social science developmentimportant action. Research on it has important theoretical and practical value. Intheory, combing and mining to Social Development Evaluation Scale Theory can notonly enrich the evaluation scale of Marxist theory of social development, but alsohelp to deepen the understanding and the awareness of Marxist social philosophy anddevelopment theoretical research. More continuously it can push the theoreticalsystem of socialism with Chinese characteristics forward to a new level. Practicallyspeaking, research on it is a major practical problem for the party and the people tocorrectly understand and grasp the law of social development, and forward theobjective requirements of the guidelines for social purposiveness direction to theregular. It contributes to comprehensive fulfilling the Scientific Outlook onDevelopment and continuously it can push the prosperity development of thesocialist cause with Chinese characteristics.Marx’s Social Development Evaluation Scale Theory forwards the objectiverequirements of the guidelines for social purposiveness direction to the regular, hasthe important research value. In this paper, first of all, from the perspective of theformation of Marx’s social development evaluation scale theory, it states thetraditional Western theory of social development evaluation scale and analyzes itsplight, focuses on the formation of Marx’s social development evaluation scaletheory and based on practice the change it gets. And then, the research is mainlyfocused on the meanings and the characteristics, the essences and the functions, thedimensionalities and the standards, the value orientation and the ideal. Finally,combined with China’s national conditions, from Marx’s social developmentevaluation scale theory find the contemporary inspiration. It requires us to establishsystematic thinking, harmonious thinking, ecological thinking, humanistic thinking,and promote the comprehensive, balanced and sustainable development of society,and promote the free and overall development of man. As pointed out the direction ofthe contemporary Chinese social development.

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