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A Research on the Vietnam Era Antiwar Movement in America

Author ZuoJunYong
Tutor ZengXiaoXiang
School Central China Normal University
Course World History
Keywords The Vietnam War America Antiwar Movement
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Since ancient times, Military and diplomatic means are the primary measures in safeguarding and enhancing national interests. TheWorld entering into the U.S.-Soviet. Bipolarstructure after the World War Ⅱ, both the countries had an urgent need to manifest the national strength and expand the influence.Stepped into the Korean War, America yet finally announced the withdrawal due to the support of China. However, later on U.S. saw forward position in South-East Asia as the next military target under the guidance of the ideology of the cold war. The going on Civil conflict in Viet Nam had facilitated the involvement of the United States, who was involved in the invading journey to Vietnam for more than20years (1954-1975). Initially United States was confident, intending to conquer Viet Nam within the shortest time, only ending up miring in deep slump.It is embarrassing for U.S., a superpower with abundant strength and confidence under the banner of democracy in Viet Nam, finally flipped the boat into the gutter. Although the strength of postwar United States had not been completely weakened, the government could draw from the failures of the war lessons that it was the combination of various aspects that counted, among which the anti-war movement is an indispensable part.Although affected all walks of life in the United States, the anti war did not fully play its play to extreme due to the problems of the war itself. Admittedlylarge-scale antiwar movements eventually attracted public attention to the Vietnam War, the president and his staffs, meanwhile, also concerned and hence had much cautious on policy formulation. In addition, some of the ideas and values conveyed in the anti-war movement realized with different levers in American society after the Vietnam War, which promoted the development of society in many fields.

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