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The Research of the Relationship between Walt Disney and FBI

Author FanGuangYin
Tutor WangWei
School Shanghai University
Course World History
Keywords Walt Disney Edgar Hoover FBI Cold War Hollywood
CLC K712
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Referring to Disney, we tend to associate the lovely image of MickeyMouse, or the world’s largest amusement park empire. However, weoften ignore the fact that Disney’s booming across the World War IIand the Cold War. Few people would think about Disney and hiscompany have done in these wars. In recent years, the FBI filesdecrypted us opportunities and ways to answer these questions. TheDisney file from the1940s with the FBI contacts in the relationshipbetween the two has been maintained to Disney’s death.From the late1940s to the1950s for the first phase of therelationship between Disney and the FBI, Disney in the developmentprocess suffered a strike, resulting in Disney’s suspicions andconcerns of communism, Hoover also hope by Disney the influenceof film and television propaganda to raise the status of the Bureau ofInvestigation, the two sides produced a certain tacit agreement after aseries of exchanges and communication, the Hollywood blacklistevent of1947ultimately led to Disney’s cooperation with the FBI,and laid the basic pace of bilateral relations. The early Cold WarDisney and Hoover relations, the second stage, the two exchangesare more frequent, on the one hand, Hoover recognized the secretduties of Walt Disney, the patriots of the Bureau of Investigation, onthe other hand, Disney also utilized their available resources inamusement parks and animated films for the Bureau of Investigationto do something. As the Cold War intensified, the United Statesscared of the FBI all walks of life to strengthen monitoring, this timeto enter the third phase of the relationship between the two, theDisney this dissatisfaction, even cartoon clown irony FBI officers,since the relationship between the two reached a low point, has beenextended to Disney’s death.This article by reading Disney files of the FBI, from different angleswith conventional film history angle of Disney, from the point ofview of political relations on the rise and growth of Disney.

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