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The Huns Ceremony and the Spiritual World

Author YangYan
Tutor HuXiaoPeng
School Northwest Normal University
Course Chinese Ethnic Minorities
Keywords The huns Ceremony The spiritual world Sacrifice Swearing ceremony The funeral
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Due to special geographical environment of the huns, they gradually formed theirown grassland nomadic culture. Under the huns traditional culture form the habit oftheir ethnic characteristics "culture "-customs, norms and restricts the huns dailybehavior, has played a very good control effect. But national customs and habits isbasically a kind of culture, ideas and thinking mode of abstract state, how to make theconcrete externalization, and more directly influence the behavior of the hunsconsciousness, have the effect of control and integrate society, this request must passa certain symbol system outside into concrete operation-ceremony, strategicallythese abstract the cultural values of concrete externalization, and give its rationalityand authority, to realize the function of social control and maintaining social stability.This paper studied the huns rituals, swearing ceremony and funeral ceremony,shows the unique culture of the huns. Including time, place and participants of feteceremony of analysis, reflected the huns ancestors of shamanism, heaven, earth, day,month, pantheism religion, etc. Purpose is to strengthen khan as spokesperson for thesupreme god to rule the huns. Swearing ceremony in the form of a (drink wine withgold and ShaXie troth) and type (with the troth of the family and the huns internaltroth), reflects the huns fear of the language. Funeral ceremony mainly take burial, theInner Mongolia and Mongolia are different again. Into the hide cry, cut surfacereactions of the huns burial idea, pay more attention to the protection of the living andblessing, hope for the souls of the dead, don’t curse the living decline in futuregenerations.

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