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Festival Ritual Performance:Study Drum Runs Cart Cultural Connotation in Xianfen County Jinnan Area

Author FanJing
Tutor WenHua
School Northwest University for Nationalities
Course Folklore
Keywords Drum run cart Cultural origin Performance spacePerformance ritual Performance skill Cultural connotation
CLC K892.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Drum runs cart is composed of drum and cart, which evolved from ancient chariots and war drum. Drum runs cart is organized by folk groups that in the integration of folk entertainment fusion music and sports, it performance scales is majestic, however, past dynasties classics failure to record. In ancient times, popular in Wei village, San gong village, Nanbeigaoyu, Nanbeijiagang, Xiangling town and Zhaokang Township in Xiangfen county Shanxi province. But nowadays only Wei village and Nangaoyu persist in pull drum cart. Annual Qing Ming Festival and March sixteen in lunar calendar,held drum runs cart performance in Nangaoyu and Wei village, Shake the plague and Harvest celebration is main purpose. In addition, drum runs cart perform above two villages at The Lantern Festival, entertainment and encourage for Jan is main purpose. Two village performance rituals is similar, both offering drum, step on the shaft and the battle.The Specific performance program is different, Nanbeigaoyu is more traditional, the performance program at Wei village is relatively complex, and Integrated into some new elements, such as drum cart song, art performance, etc. Drum cart number, form, patterns are different, Wei village have five drum carts among four courtyards, it modeling is single wooden wheel drum cart. Nangaoyu have two drum carts among two courtyards, it modeling is double wooden wheel drum cart. Reportedly pull drum cart customs has lasted for thousands of years, its origin era such as spring and autumn period, the Ming dynasty, the tang dynastysuch Statement. This topic use performance theory as guidance, research of drum runs cart activities in the festival, to explore its cultural connotation. In a large number of field research conducted on the basis of the following three aspects of research:First,a culture origin and performance space of drum runs car’s custom. This chapter discusses both commandant village, south run rotating drum the origin of the custom car, the source of the drum and drum cart accessories. And from the angle of the performance space, not only expounds environment and produces drum runs cart under the environmental impact of the distribution problems, also discussed the scene of the activities in the festival, the drum cart mainly includes the commandant village ’s drum festival in lunar March16th,rotating drum cart north and south rally in tomb-sweeping day and two villages shared festival-the Lantern Festival drums cart. Second,the ceremony and skill performances of drum runs cart, so this chapter mainly expound tied drum artist’s skill, procedures and characteristic of drum run cart,sainted saintlike’s stepping shafts, elder take along public to do drum worship, staff requirements of young men engage in fierce battle.Third,the cultural connotation reflected in drum vehicles and their performances. This chapter illustrates the folk ideas in drum runs cart, folk beliefs behind in ceremony of drum runs cart, and folk significance embodied in drum runs cart in engage in fierce battle.

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