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On the Japanese Sword as the Center of Propaganda and Mobilization for War

Author LiangFuSheng
Tutor ZhangSheng
School Nanjing University
Course Modern Chinese History
Keywords Japanese Sword the mass media the sword cultural propagandafor war
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Once prosperous era of militarism and fascist Japan established the present people of God to show off all ages a series of national worship Emperor ruler. Japanese military and senior government bureaucrats, the use of the absolute authority of the Emperor, and trumpeted the kingdom of God the grace of God theory, national unity as a group and drove them down the road of war."Marco Polo Bridge Incident in1937, is an important turning point in Sino-Japanese war really started, for the Japanese authorities, in the case of limited resources, how to achieve the full mobilization of the country-that is total war, an urgent problem. There are two points to become the pillars of a "national spiritual mobilization" after the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War in1937and promulgated in the second year, the National General Mobilization Law, the other is the full control of the Government of Japan’s mass media.It goes without saying that the greatest weapon of national state power to restrict speech. There was no television, radio, only semi-official China NHK a speech the most important carrier of newspapers and publications. As Japan entered the wartime system, the Japanese authorities began to realize the unity and control of public opinion, mass media in Japan is included in the system of "national unity" has become the subject of the war policy and strategic objectives tools.After the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War, Japan’s major newspapers, or active or passive investment to a flood of war mobilization and advocacy, to become the vanguard of the war propaganda and mobilization. Japanese newspapers and magazines, war propaganda, publicity strategy has an important place of the traditional Japanese knife.Japanese authorities and the media, the Japanese sword as a tool of war propaganda and mobilization, is a profound consideration. Japanese sword in the Japanese not only is the weapon, it is a cultural symbol and symbol of the spirit of a long history of development of Japanese sword formed a unique culture of the sword. Japanese swords have unusual feelings, many of Japanese origin myth, the sword was considered boarding sacred and incredible spiritual power, that is sacred artifacts. To be sanctified by the sword is no longer the only weapons capabilities, but also become a power-in particular, is a symbol of royal power. To a military family, society, the Japanese sword known as the "Warrior Soul", but on actual combat, the samurai sword is only seen as one of many weapons. For samurai sword more a symbol of a social and spiritual.Bakumatsu period, in the context of foreign forces to invade the national crisis, the nationalists in Japan to open the spirit of the Japanese sword, Japanese sword when awaken the spiritual symbol of the national consciousness and national consciousness of the National Southwest of the Meiji era of war, the nationalists an opportunity to reconstruct the myth of Japanese sword, Japanese sword the faith and on behalf of the Japanese nation,"Japanese spirit" linked, resulting in a Japanese sword is hosting a Spirit of "Japanese spirit" so concept, and began to expand the praise of various gods possessed the knife. During this period, Japanese sword the mental construction Meiji era Japan an attempt to find their own country the value of the face of Western influences. The spirit of the Japanese sword to reflect the national awakening of national consciousness in Japan, the Japanese sword under the Europeanized and return to the traditional alternating with conflict, and gradually become a tool of nationalist against Western civilization.After the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War, the Japanese government and the media use and transform the culture of the Japanese sword, by injected into the ideology of militarism and nationalism, national consciousness and cohesion to stimulate the integration of Japanese nationals. Here, the Japanese sword as a spiritual force, that is a symbol of the spirit over matter.During the war, the Japanese authorities through a series of measures to promote and strengthen this contains militarism and Group fanatical Japanese knife culture. The military expansion of knife production volume allotted to the junior officer saber, in order to meet demand and to develop proofreading saber pride of the Japanese officers and soldiers on the Japanese sword. Governmental organizations, of Cutlery revival of the traditional Japanese sword forging, the most typical example is the Japanese sword training will convene the best Cutlery production with a strong sense of ritual the Yasukuni knife "set up in the shrine. Emperor of Japan to go front-line officers coming to a decision of the Japanese sword, to further increase the sense of the sacred Japanese sword. Japanese media and gradually establish a complete and effective publicity, coverage the murderous exploits of a Japanese sword cutler in the battlefield experience, published in the Japanese sword advertising, to carry out a variety of lectures on Japanese sword, encouraging the public to donate to the front-line knife and other activities these reports and articles about Japanese sword became a kind of ideological propaganda, war-oriented subject to the Japanese government."Creation myth" instead of the actual state of the Japanese sword, as the nature of the weapons had been rejected, the Japanese sword and war tangle with. Mass media in Japan to the Japanese sword frontline battlefield Japan to achieve the interaction between the front and the rear of the war propaganda and mobilization, in such a situation, like a network to cover all citizens who, mobilization "is originally a military term, usually the preparation to a war footing, all citizens are" net "in which. In the end, Japan has been dragged into the abyss of war.

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