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KMT "Purge the Communist Party" and Sino-soviet Relations Deteriorated

Author ZhaoJing
Tutor HanDaMei
School Liaoning Normal University
Course Modern Chinese History
Keywords Purge the communist party Sino-soviet relations deteriorated ZhongdongRailway Incident
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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On April12,1927, Chiang Kai-shek staged“412”counter-revolutionary coupthat made vigorous revolution ended in failure. He commands the nationalrevolutionary army wantonly killing of communists; it’s called “purge the communistparty”. At the same time, Naming government used Guangzhou uprising, thecommunist party of china rises up, as a pretext, and said that the communist party hasgreat relations with the Soviet Union. Unilaterally announced the break with theSoviet Union. Take forced measure for the Soviet consulate and state-owned business,around to follow suit, Sino-soviet relations deteriorated.“Purge the communist party” is the beginning of Sino-soviet relationsdeteriorated, is the main source too. As everyone knows,“Purge the communist party”is the result of the escalation of contradiction between the two parties. But the rootcauses is irreconcilable product of two basic opposing ideological contradictions.Support and guidance from The Soviet communist international for the communistparty that make the communists important leadership role in KMT and the influencein the masses of the people is more and more powerful; Soviet advisers’ Strength ofincreasingly powerful in KMT,to a great extent, which hinders Chiang Kai-shek’sconcentration of power, and incurs objections from all kinds of anti-communist forces;the imperialist country regard the communist as an enemy for their own interests inchina,so they take differentiation of woo and the threat of force to Chiang Kai-shek,this is another important reason of “Purge the communist party” and “severdiplomatic relations with Soviet”.Chiang Kai-shek takes advantage of “Purge the communist party” to get rid ofSoviet advisers’ imprison, and gets reedy to shake off the chains of Soviet. He takesthe chance of Zhang dueling “Banner Changing of Northeast China” to present“Revolutionary diplomacy”, makes use of Zhang xueliang’s Patriotic enthusiasm, inthe disguise of taking back the right of Zhongdong Railway, the Northeast army fightsagainst the Soviet army in the northeast. Chiang Kai-shek profits from others’ conflictand becomes winner at last, not only weaken the Northeast army, it also broke off therelationship with Soviet drastically, pushes Sino-soviet relations to the irreconcilableabyss. Sino-soviet relations deteriorated has important influence on China’s foreignrelations, the relation between Kuomintang and the communist party and thedevelopment of international relations.

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