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The Research of Mi Wanzhong and His Garden

Author ZhaoZhan
Tutor LiuTingFeng
School Tianjin University
Course Art of Design
Keywords Mi Wanzhong Landscape
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Mi Wanzhong is a famous calligrapher, artist and landscape gardener in late Mingdynasty. His calligraphy and painting works have handed down from ancient times,and spread all over the world. The Shaoyuan, a private garden, shocked square at thattime and many scholars had been there and done a lot of research on that. But atmodern times, the research work of Mi Wanzhong’s masterpieces is apparently lackof systematic and coherent. Besides, some misunderstandings and confusions of MiWanzhong do exist among later generations.In this paper, firstly,we will have an in depth analysis of the social backgroundwhen Mi Wanzhong lives in Ming dynasty, which includes politics, economy andculture, in order to understand the host’s living environment, psychological dynamicand the ideological root of those masterpieces he produced. Secondly from his dailylife to his hobbies, classify and explain the styles and types of his calligraphy andpainting works. Research MiWanZhong write poetry, garden for landscape paintingand the relationship between their own garden. And we will also research on hisGarden works and ideology. As is known to all that Shaoyuan is the most famous oneamong all his garden works. Through analyzing Mi Wanzhong and other people’spoems, paintings, combining results of previous studies, we will focus on three of hisgardens that Shaoyuan,Manyuan,and Zhanyuan, especially do a comprehensiveanalysis on Shaoyuan from the historical inheritance, garden layout, design elementsand location etc.

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