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Study of Marx's World History Theory and Globalized Logic

Author LiYongZhen
Tutor WangFuMin
School Huaqiao University
Course Philosophy
Keywords Karl Marx World history theory Globalization
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The subjectivity and randomness of the historical sphere often lead thetendency that people regard the history as some kinds of objective or subjective willresults, the historical developing movement as some kind of secret power. Thisbecomes more obvious especially in the world history developing process.This thesis combs and explains the origin,structure,essence and thecontemporary value of Marx’ world history theory,pointing out the materialistpeculiarity of Marx’s world history theory, analyzes the transformation from industryto large industry, from regional association to world association, from natural divisionto social division, and shows the important role of the capitalist class play in thistransformation. This article also points out that the world history, depending on thehighly developed productivity and communicational level in the world, is adeveloping process that each ethnic group breaks the original closed state and crossesthe space and time, that the group and countries become dependent with each other.The world history is demonstrated as a generative history, which begins with thecapitalism developed by the motive force of large industry. Furthermore, this articleanalyzes the humanist feelings of Marx’s world historic theory.There’re two mistakes existing in the contemporary globalization analysistheory. One is trapped to idealism, which either attributed to the main contradiction ofsocial development to the cultural conflict, or regarding the western capitalism as thefinal stage of the history. The other is disregard the historical background, or toseparate the international system, implementing the separating strategy or anti-globalized strategy. But we find that these globalized theories can’t grasp theinner nature of history, and neglect the new situation in the international productiveand contacts.Therefore, it is impossible to provide enlightened wisdom ofcontemporary China’s development.Under the guidance of Marx’ world historicaltheory and contemporary reality, we should constantly insist the guidance of Marxismand actively handle the challenge of globalization.

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