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On the Interpretation of Time Theory in Bergson's Philosophy

Author HeZhenLong
Tutor HaoHongJun
School Jilin University
Course Foreign Philosophy
Keywords Time Life Duration
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The French philosopher Bergson is the representative of the intuitionistand philosophy of life, his philosophy what is different with the formerlies in observing the essence of life through time. He thinks time isdifferent from our usual understanding as a form of inner life. Philosophyand Science in the past don’t really understand the time, their mistake liesin spatial thinking that puts the time into a time quantizationsegmentation space, which turns the problem of time into space. But hethinks the nature of time is duration, which refers to a kind of continuousstate. The key to the correct understanding of life lies in whether one cangrasp the continuity of the life or not. Duration is a process of continuousvariation and life serves as the main body, which continues to hold theworld through memory, internalizing the outside world into the life andthe life makes itself become the master of its own destiny and at the sametime obtain the freedom. This paper consists of the following steps to explore Bergson’sinterpretation for time: first of all, what are the problems of the formerunderstanding of time and what is the difference between Bergson andthem; secondly, I study the concrete performance of Bergson time fromthree dimensions, that is the past, now and future, that is in Bergsonphilosophy, related to the three concepts,the memories related to the past,and the duration process related to now, and the creation related to thefuture, are how to be expressed, but what is the relationship among them,through the reality-process-potential relationship among the threeconcepts, to investigate and understand Bergson‘s unique interpretation oflife. Finally, rethink profoundly and criticize on the existing problems ofBergson’s theory.Bergson’s life philosophy were embodied in western philosophy’shumanism tendency, and this tendency is a response to the existence ofthe imbalance between the material and the spirit which exist in reality,looking for the meaning and value of human being in the way of human existence in nature. Although Bergson had the overcorrect side of sciencetechnology and the philosophical attitude, and even was criticized to beconsidered as an irrationalist. But Bergson thought highly of life itselfexistence mode and the effort in seek of intrinsic basis for the life isworth affirmation. Especially in the current information age, the rapiddevelopment of technology and media, the external information and theinternal imbalance intensify, Bergson philosophy has the necessity andvalue to be explored and researched again.

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