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The Ethical Observation of the Social Trust Crisis during the Transition Period in China

Author ZhangHao
Tutor LiuDongYing
School Xinjiang Normal University
Course Ethics
Keywords Transition period The social trust crisis Ethical observation
CLC B82-052
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Trust is the most basic factor of human social relationships. And the Social trustis a kind of rational attitude during social intercourse,which is formed in the progressof social activities and communication. The Social trust is also not only a kind ofvalue of psychology but also a kind of social capital,which is based on its ownsecurity considerations and behavior. The social trust is covered all aspects of thepublic life, which plays a vital indispensable role in human social life. In other words,the social trust just like air and water.Our life will be collapsed if the social trust isthreatened by other factors.During the process of market economy transition,which transformed from anagricultural society to industrial society,and transformed from a planned economy toa market economy in our society. So social trust issues become an increasinglyproblem,which lead to the social crisis of trust. This trust crisis dispersion in allaspects of society as a whole, which has many premonitions in the transformation ofChinese society.Namely,the social trust lead to the crisis of credibility in the politicalsphere; the credit crisis in the economic field; the integrity crisis in the cultural fieldand the reputation crisis in the field of interpersonal relationships. The essence of thesocial trust crisis,which is followed the old personality trust mode thousands of yearsago.And the thinking in this trust mode influences people’s mind,affect people’sbehavior, restricts the democratization of society legalization process, and the newsystem of trust mechanism has not fully worked yet. The transition social crisis oftrust has brought the huge losses to China in all areas of society, which is based onthis situation where many scholars at home and abroad refer the social trust as a hotissue and be committed to their own traditional disciplines to make the theoreticaldiscussion and empirical research from psychology, sociology, economics,management and other aspects.In this paper, on the basis of the results of these abovestudies, the author trys to observe ethical scrutiny through the reasons the socialcrisis, including the chasm of the traditional and the modern in the fracture ofsocial trust mode; the confusion of values.The social trust system and supervision isnot perfect.Rebuilding the social trust needs to combine virtue and the rule of law,justice and the interests of unity, national character and openness, the principle ofinheritance and innovation by multimeans, comprehensive management, ethics andmoral educate power to eliminate the shortcomings of the market economy,which is a necessary condition to standardize government behavior, is the starting point toenhance the credibility of the government,is the key to coordinate the goodinterpersonal trust and institutional trust relationship,is the foundation to foster theintegrity of the virtues of the individual citizen. We should establish a sound andeffective system of the social trust, strengthen and protect the monitoringmechanism.The purpose of this paper is to evoke people have a better understanding and paymore attention to the problem of the social trust crisis and provide ethics support toput forward the correct solution and measures of the root causes of the social trustcrisis in China.

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