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Conceiving the Ethic Basis of CSR of China

Author WuYing
Tutor XuXiaoYue
School Nanjing University
Course Religious Studies
Keywords CSR righteousness and benefit the conscience ren and li protect nature tian renwhich are interactional crowd
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2010
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CSR is a controversial issue.The argues about its concept, range, characteristics and basis have not unified yet since now.Amartya Sen who won the1998Nobel Prise of economics has writed in his book that ever acting is in its ethical background.Affronting various controversy of CSR,we have to ask,whether people from different ethical background like east to west treat CSR differently?whether CSR will get rid of being the banker alternately in different cultural ethic. What kind of practical rountine these culture ethical frame will bring about?The CSR Of the west has its soil to grow,which the CSR of China could only use for reference instead of copy.The CSR of China has its own content.There is abundant concept in Confucianism,Daoism,and Buddism,and this paper trys to discuss the contural basis of the CSR taking the ethics of Confucius and Mencius as an example.On the basis of the above discussion,the author clarifies the contents of the ethic of Confucius and Mencius as cultural basis from4aspects.The first chapter discusses the relationship between the righteousness and benefit of Confucius and Mencius and CSR.The author argues that CSR of China should base on its own culture ethics.The point of view of righteousness and benefit of Confucius and Mencius.is one of the base of the CSR of China. The correlative categories of the point of view of Righteousness and benefit of Confucius and Mencius are "righteousness brings benefit","Righteousness comes first","personality of junzi" and the way of training oneself and consoling people.Based on the explaining of the categories,this paper trys to conceive the theory of CSR of China from three arrangements,"enterpriser","enterpriser of enterprise" and "enterpriser of society"The second chapter discusses the conscience of Confucius and Mencius and CSR.The conscience is the self-identity about obligation that one should do one’s duty and social responsibility,and is the behave of self-awareness in moral,and is the moral sense and self-government formative by self-discipline.The conscience as moral person’s inner courtroom,plays a great part in conform the behaviors of enterprisers.If there no conscience,then no CSR too.The author analyses the correcting,option, intendance and estimate of the conscience of Confucius and Mencius and set forth the meaning of the confucius of Confucius and Mencius from regret and shame, by what and is satisfied with what,self-examination and inspection,kingness and worthy.In Confucius and Mencius’s opinion, the conscience is born to be virtuous.but is easy to be involved in the desire and leads to be virtue absent and beastliness dominant,the more important part has not brought up and the less important part has brought up. So the development of conscience is a process,people need to keep mind and maintain temperament, and the best way to keep mind is few desire, and make4virtuous clues expansionary,like making4clues as ren yi li zhi expansionary.On the base on the analysis above, the author considers that the key of the conscience of Confucius and Mencius is treat people friendly, so the author clarifys the CSR obased on the conscience of Confucius and Mencius from3arrangement:treat people friendly,trreat country and society frendly, treat human frendly.The third chapter discusses the way of Ren-Li and CSR.Today the relationships arround enterprise is called the benefit interrelated, the theory admit enterprise is the central of various relationships, enterprise need to satisfy the relationships except pursue benefit. Whereas the labefaction of benefit interrelated, the author argues enterpriser should treat ren as their inner culture and li as their exterior criterion.The enterpriser stands in the middle of the road, and finds the best knited point of exterior criterion and personality reform,and do his best to make the benefit interrelated harmony.So the author trys to argue from self-cultured, do one’s endeavor, self-satisfied,self-extended to discuss different ethical duty,and the self of Confucius and Mencius is visualized by the responsibility of crowd,and to summarize to one point is respect the value of a person.So the enterpriser needs to carry out the way of zhongshu, pay attention to the communication of the mind,show solicitude for others from heart to heart,and is considerate to others, and make oneself conciliatory to a larger crowd, and bring up the sense of collectivity, devote into commonweal,make oneself harmony with others by responding to the social responsibility.To cultivate the heart of ren-ai does not accomplish in an action,but a process,which needs persistent endeavor,it is especially could not treat ren as a means of figuring for social status,then it will cause riches.honour and virtue disappear. Besides,li as the expession of CSR of China,takes on the double responsibility of attempering people’s feeling and arranging people’s position as well as arranging by li, fostering by de.And it should practise according to the principle that he comes first.The fourth chapter discusses view of Tian-Ren and the enterprise’s responsibility for nature.The meaning of tian ren he yi of Confucius and Mencius points to the tian and ren separated as well as correlational.The nature has its own motive which means growing endlessly.Different from human centralized, Confucius and Mencius enlighten enterprises should generous-minded, and broadminded, and bring up the sense of ethical responsibility together with nuture. Besides, the ethic of Confucius and Mencius offers methodology for the entironment ethic of people and nature. Confucius and Mencius advance middle of the road and no guess at random,no expectation that must realize, no behavior that insist on his own opinion, no heart self-serving which are the favourable use for reference. The author argues the responsibility for nature from4aspects:enterprises coexisting with nature, enterprises’ humanity toward naure which grows endlessly, familiar relationaship between enterprises and nature.The final is the part of summing-up.The author clarifies the characteristics of Confucius and Mencius as the basis of culture backgroud of CSR of China from tropism of crowd, help others to stand as well as accomplish oneself, tian ren which are interactional.

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