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A Study on Zhou Enlai's Philosophy of Life

Author HeJinJian
Tutor LiJingChun
School Yanshan University
Course The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords Zhou Enlai philosophy of life practice realm
CLC B821
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Zhou Enlai has few works in his whole life, which there are no systematic worksabout philosophy of life. From his several essays, revolutionary cause that he hadstruggled all his life, we can realize his extensive and profound, unique and fascinatingphilosophy of life. Learning and researching Zhou Enlai’s philosophy of life has importantepochal value.Zhou Enlai, when young set "for the rise of the Chinese study,” ambition through allhis youthful time. This kind of awareness contributed to a firm communist outlook on life.During the past revolutionary war years, he takes charge of consciousness, promoteshimself though all his life,seeks common points while reserving difference in the way ofharmony. These points of view showed communists’ noble sentiment and faith. Since ourfinding,Zhou Enlai govern for people in his mind, unite for The Chinese CommunistParty in his character, establish diplomatic relations for people of the world, which reflecthis spirit of unselfishness. In the exploring of his life, he carries out lofty idea, valuepropositions and immortal destination for life. Zhou Enlai’s philosophy of life showedexistent reason, practical reason and scientific rationality, which formed ideal state ofpursue the truth. His kindheartedness for people, righteousness for the country, andforbearance for the Chinese Communist Party, these formed moral realms of pure andflawless. His graceful life, magnificent labor and lofty character form liberty horizon withkindness and generosity. Nowadays, when we build a harmonious society and realizeChinese Dream, Zhou Enlai’s philosophy of life still has strong era significance. Weshould carefully study, hard researching and learn our lessons.By applying the method of historical study, we can study Zhou Enlai’s greatachievements, summarizes the developing process of his philosophy of life. Using methodof Literature analysis, we acquire soul of philosophy of life from Zhou Enlai’s few works,which do a more systematic elaborate grooming. By using method of comparative study,it compare Zhou Enlai’s days with nowadays and discuss era sense of Zhou Enlai’sphilosophy of life.

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