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The Ethics Research of Rural Left-behind Childrenˋs Parent-child Relationship

Author XuZuo
Tutor WangQingYuan
School Hebei University of Economics
Course Ethics
Keywords Rural left-behind children Parent-child relationship Ethical care Countermeasures
CLC B823
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Rural left-behind children problem,accompanied by the modernization of the society, isone of many social problems appearing in the process of urbanization. The consequent ruralleft-behind family problem is a uniue phenomenon in the modern urbanization process, andwill be a long-term phenomenon. Due to the special family structure, parents’ absence,mismatch of parent-child relationship, rural left-behind children’s needs and rights cannot beproperly met. Consequently, certain problems exist in their moral growth, family sense ofbelonging, socialization and formation of gratitude. Due attention should be paid to and dueefforts should be made for this problem. This study was to explore the ethical problems ofrural left-behind children’s parent-child relationship, to provide with certain ethical care andsympathy for the current rural left-behind children, to search for effective means to improveparent-child relationship, so as to promote the healthy development of the rural left-behindchildren.Firstly, this thesis demonstrates several related concept of rural left-behind children’sparent-child relationship, including the status, types and characteristics of parent-childrelationship, etc. In addition, the explicit definition of rural left-behind children parent-childrelationship is emphasized in this thesis. Such problems as the lack of communicationbetween rural left-behind children and parents, the lack of direct interaction between thosechildren and their parents and the absence of the guardian’s medium effect and thosechildren’s excessive dependence on their guardian are deeply discussed, which offerstheoretical evidence for the following demonstration. Secondly, according to the status ofrural left-behind children’s parent-child relationship, the main expression of the ethicalproblem of rural left-behind children’s parent-child relationship is elaborated from theperspective of those children’s moral growth, sense of belonging, process of socialization andgratitude formation. Then one can arrive at a conclusion that the problem is graduallyworsening due to the factors of the society, family, school and the rural left-behind childrenthemselves. Thirdly, show ethical care and sympathy for the rural left-behind children’sparent-child relationship by appealing the transition from government’s performing thefunction to expanding the channels for rural left-behind children services, by strengtheningthe media supervision to develop civil society and identity, by setting up a correct view, byestablishing continuous caring relationship, by setting the caregivers model, by formingmutual caring relationship, by cultivating caring teachers, and by building caring campus,society and family culture. Finally, for the adjustment of rural parenthood ethical problemformulation principles of love and happiness, fairness and good principles, comfort andrespect for the principle, principle of justice and duty, etc., through specific adjustmentstrategies and ways, improve rural left-behind children the parent-child relationship, promotefamily intimacy, promote the development of rural left-behind children social adaptability.

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