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The Research about Personality of Beggar

Author LiJianWen
Tutor LinYongHai
School Lu Tung University
Course Applied Psychology
Keywords beggar personality 16PF demand pattern
CLC B848
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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One’s individual personality and behavior determines the behavior of the individual in acertain extent, therefore, for a long time, the personality is one of the key research fields ofpsychology, which covers the study of youth, staff, students and other social mainstream. Butas a marginalized group of people, beggars’ personality didn’t get the attention of thoseresearches, the research of their personality was few in the fields of psychology.Through to beggars’ personnel interview, this article combined with16personality factorquestionnaire for the study of the begging people’s personality characteristics. Factor analysismethod was used by Cartel for proposed personality theory model which based on four layerswhich are: the individual characteristics and common traits; Surface quality and rootcharacteristics; Physical characteristics and environmental characteristics; Power quality,ability quality and temperament traits. Among them, the surface quality and rootcharacteristics were the most important layer level of personality. In1949, the root of thecartel16kinds of independent character, used to compile the16personality factorsquestionnaire, as16PF for quantitative analysis of the personality. These16root traits are:intelligent, emotional stability, bullying, excitability, have persistence, courageous, sensitivity,vigilance, fantasy, sophistication, anxiety, radical, independence, self-discipline, and tension.The author will analyze the subjects’16kinds of qualities.According to the16personality factors questionnaire and interview data, after the study offive subjects, the author found that the participants that the five personality traits are that highanxiety, high tension and strong courageous and bullying phenomenon such as; emotionalstability, intelligent, persistence, self-discipline and so on factors’ score do not exist thephenomenon of generally low; sensitivity, vigilance and so on factors’ score are not high. Inaddition, the demand patterns of beggars closer to "frustration-back" law, that is if someoneunable to meet the needs of the higher level suffer setbacks and the individual will settle forsecond best, the desire of the demand for lower level will be stronger. On this basis, the authorgive special guidance to the beggar, match the characteristics of jobs such as advices, hope tobeg personnel assistance and management to provide a new train of thought.Now the research about personnel rescue and management research of beggar, most arefrom the perspective of sociology, economics, law and medicine, etc, to formulate the corresponding countermeasures, to provide help and specification. Innovation point of thispaper is that from the perspective of psychology, we put forward according to beggar thepersonality characteristics, discusses the corresponding relief measures, these or will rescueand management the beggar with a new method, which also is the meaning of this article.

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