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Influence and Intervention Study of Social Exclusionary Situation in Dormitory on Social Self-esteem and Implicit Self-esteem of Female College Students

Author XueLiMing
Tutor GuoZhanYu
School Shenyang Normal
Course Applied Psychology
Keywords Social exclusion in the dormitory socialself-esteem implicit self-esteem
CLC B844.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Social exclusion refers to the individual performance within the group or itself hassome unfavorable personality traits, which would not be accepted by the group.Thepsychological world has not a clear concept of social exclusion and unified definition,so the psychologists research different experimental paradigms of socialexclusion.But social exclusion is a common phenomenon, and the human is verysensitive to the threat of social exclusion,so investigate its fundamental of socialexclusion has a deep evolutionary meaning.For college students, they have the most simple interpersonal relationship, theirinterpersonal environment is class and dormitory, and in most cases, the school isaccording to the departments to distribute the students, so a lot of collegestudents’roommates are their classmates.,so the dormitory become the smallest unit inthe university.It has been research for long time, the self-esteem as independent variablesappeared in many studies. According to the socialmeter theory of the self-esteem,self-esteem always as a monitor of human relationships, like a subjectivemeasurement of the relationship among individual,society and others, and it reflects ifthe individual has a good interpersonal relationship.When individuals encounter thesocial exclusion, the self-esteem will be a signal that motivates an individual to takesome actions to restore the interpersonal relationship.Based on this, this study aims to research social exclusion in the dormitorysituation, explores how the social individual self-esteem and implicit self-esteemchange under the social exclusion, and then use the group guidance to thedormitory.Because of the social exclusion in the dormitory situation is difficult tocontrol, this study used the situation to imagine method, at the same time choosesocial self-esteem and implicit self-esteem as the dependent variable.The mainpurpose of the preliminary study is to verify the situation to imagine method is used tocreate the effectiveness of the social situation in the dormitory;The first study aims toverify if there is a change in the dormitory, when the individual has a social exclusion by roommates;the second purpose is to explore the individual how to choose therelationship reconstruction when they suffered rejection; the third study is to exploreafter group counseling training of the sense of belonging, if the individual has thesense of rejection, social self-esteem and implicit self-esteem changed.The studyhas following conclusions:(1) Through the recording of social exclusion in the dormitory situation, caneffectively induce individual sense of rejection and lead to negative emotions.(2) The social exclusion under the dormitory,the indicidual has a decrease ofindividual social self-esteem and implicit self-esteem.(3) With the experience of social exclusion in the dormitory, most individualstend to choose and reconstuct the roommate relationships.(4) By group guidance for excluded individual sense of belonging of theintervention, can cause the individual’s exclusion feeling down, grow the socialself-esteem, implicit self-esteem does not have change, but the reaction time of selfand other’self-esteem has improved.

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