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The Relationship among the Life Events, Social Supports and Coping Styles of Senior Students

Author ZuoYingYing
Tutor FanChunLin
School Sichuan Normal University
Course Developmental and Educational Psychology
Keywords depression life events social support coping style senior students
CLC B844.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The high school stage is an important stage of individual physical andmental development, and the students at this stage is not yet mature. They feel stronglyabout the matters,but can’t cope quite successfully, then the psychological burden onthese students prone to some psychological and behavioral problems. From researchreports investigated the mental health of middle-school students, depression is influencehigh school students mental health is one of the important factors. Therefore, it is veryactual value to carry out the research of the factors causing the depression in highschool students.With a cross-sectional study design, this study started by the relations of lifeevents and depression, objecting to investigate the relationship among social support,coping style and mental health on high school students. In this study, I collectedrelevant data on life events、social support, and depression in650high school studentswith questionnaire。It shows that social support and coping style have an adjustmentfunction to life events and depression of high school students.The main conclusions were as follows:(1)The depression scores on senior students were17.22± thestudents did not suffer from depression;46.44%of the students suffered fromdepression;8.83%of the students suffered from serious depression.(2)Depression on senior students, there is not a significant difference betweengender and grade.(3)There were ten life events which often happened, and most influence seniorstudents’ mental health. Respectively were failing in a test, learning stress, beingmisunderstood by others, relationships with classmates or friends, pressure to enter abetter high school or college, change in one’s living habits, disliking being at school,losing one’s dignity public, study pressures from family, suffering theft or lostingthings.(4) From the score for social support of senior students, an average scores ofsubjective support is more than that of objective support which is more than that ofsupport employ. (5) In the coping styles of senior students, The average score is the highest onproblem-solving, and decreases from fantasy, help-seeking, rationalization andStanding back to self-accusation. For coping styles, there is significant differences ingender and grade. Compared with male students, girls were more likely to choosepositive measures. Students in upper grades use problem solution more often than lowergrades.(6) the total scores of life events in senior students and interpersonal relationship,study pressures, having been punished, poor adaptation and other dimension haveremarkable positive correlation with the depressive emotion.(7) The gross score of social support and dimensions were in negative correlationwith depressive emotion.Pluralist analysis shows that objective support, utilization ofsupport has an obvious negatively predictable function to the depressive emotion.(8) In the coping styles of high school students, problem-solving, help-seekinghave significant negative relation with the depressive emotion, self-accusation,fantasy, Standing back have remarkable positive correlation with thedepressive emotion. Using the multiple regression analysis,this research took thefurther discussion about the relationship of the coping styles and depressive emotion.The research result shows that problem-solving, self-accusation, Standing back hadsignificant effects on depressive emotion。(9) social support has moderating effect between life events and depression onhigh school students.(10) coping style has an intervening effect between life events and depressiveemotion on high school students

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