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Research on the Christian Accusation Movement in Wuhan (1951-1955)

Author LiuGuiMin
Tutor LiuJiaFeng
School Central China Normal University
Course Modern Chinese History
Keywords Wuhan Catholicism Protestantism Accusation three-self innovation
CLC B979
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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After People’s Republic of China was founded, the Chinese Communist Party wanted to cut off the connection between the Chinese Christianity with the western countries with the consider of the security of the new regime.However,the Communist party still showed a tolerant attitude toward the Christianity according to the Religious views of Marxism-Leninism,the need of the united front and the failure of the Soviet Union.After China’s intervention in the Korean War in October1950,the unprecedented crisis awareness made the Communist party have no patience with the Christianity,so the Communist began to strengthen the control of Christianity,and hoped to cut off the link of the Chinese Christianity with the Western world as soon as quickly on the basis of the three-self innovation movement and the all-time high national patriotism that was brought about by the Korean movement.In the eyes of the Communist,it not only need to make the Chinese church divorce from the western countries in administrative organization,personnel and economy,but also need to clear away the influence of the imperialism on the Chinese church in thought.Then,the Communist launched the accusation movement in Chinese Christendom from the meeting which hold in Beijing in April1951.As an important missionary place in China inland,Wuhan was inevitable to response the requirement of the Chinese Communist to participate in the accusation movement when it throughout the country.In chronological order,this paper has discussed the eighty thousand people’s accusation assembly in Wuhan Catholic in1951years which was caused by the event of baby founding,and analyzed four accusation assembly in Wuhan Christendom,and a series of struggles by the government to fight the people who resisted the three-self innovation within the Catholic from1952to1955,including complaining the foreign clergy and destroying counter-revolutionary which was lead by Liu Hede.Through the accusation movement,the Communist and government dislodged the foreign clergy in the Catholic church of Wuhan,hit the counter-innovation power in the church,promoted the three-self innovation movement,and finally obtained the leadership of the Catholicism and Protestantism in Wuhan.As an important part of the whole Chinese Christian accusation movement,the completion of the accusation movement and the achievement of innovative goals in Wuhan church were helpful to the overall situation.However,the accusation movement did not achieve its purpose in eliminating the influence of imperialism toxins,many believers chose the three-self church because of the strong political pressure, and many other believers who insisted on their religious belief chose the underground-church to continue their religious activities.From this point of view,to what extent can the three-self church that under the leadership of the Chinese Communist exactly affect the Chinese Christians,and what’s the psychological of the accusers?All these questions need we make further study in the future.

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