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Lenin's national security thoughts and Its Realistic Enlightenment

Author LiuCanGuo
Tutor LiAiHua
School Shandong Normal University
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords Lenin National security Thoughts revelation
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2014
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National security is an ancient concept, from the day that human entered theclass society and the established of the country, safeguarding the state security,maintaining stable state, ruling order is an important function of a state and animportant issue. At the same time, with the constantly ever-growing development ofhuman’s practical activities, the national security is a brand new concept, and theconnotation of national security is also in constant development. In the rapidlychanging times, the changes of international situation today, highlighting theimportance of national security. As Russia and the actual combination of practitionerswith Marxism, the first socialist country in the world of the founders of the creatorand Leninism, Lenin thought about national security occupies an important position inthe field of national security. In-depth analysis, research, and referenced by the ideasof Lenin’s national security grasp its theoretical essence, for the maintenance nationalsecurity in our country under the new situation, strengthen the people’s democraticdictatorship of socialist regime has important guiding significance.First,The formation of the national security of Lenin thought. Lenin’s thinking isbased on the national security,according to the Russia’s natural environment, politics,economy, culture, education, population and social class and so on. the basis of thebasic national conditions to determine safety, affected by the international macroenvironment, surrounding environment of Soviet Russia and geopolitical situation, theSoviet union’s diplomatic activities, and after the October revolution, is the SovietRussia’s profound impact of domestic unrest, etc. Is in absorbing predecessorsespecially about Marx and Engels on the basis of national security related graduallyformed.Second, the main contents of Lenin’s national security thought. Through of thekerensky kickback and KeErNiLuoFu rebellion to consolidate the Soviet regime;Lenin also fully recognized the imperialist countries pose serious threat to Russia, heled the people to defeat the imperialist intervention, to defend the homeland security;By taking the punishment of theft, robbery, damage public facilities such as a varietyof social crimes, to fight petty bourgeoisie spontaneous forces, no organization anddiscipline in overcoming the ranks of the proletariat, the phenomenon such asgodparents, lax, maintaining the social security; Lenin also restored economicproduction, improved people’s lives, enhanced the defense forces, developed andstrengthened the economic ties with capitalist countries, strived for betterinternational security environment for Russia.Three, Lenin’s thought of the implementation of the national security measures.Build a party leadership of the people’s army, to lay the pillar of the national security;Set up a full Russian purges board, fought against the counter-revolutionary andvarious damage phenomenon; The construction of the judiciary, the realization ofsafeguarding state security according to the law; properly handled the various socialcontradictions, eliminated national security hidden danger; Developed of nationaleconomy, laying solid foundation of national security; established the internationalunion of revolutionary force, constructed the external barriers of national security. Fourth, Lenin’s thought of national security evaluation. Lenin was guided by theMarxist national theory, from the actual conditions of Russia; to protect the safety ofthe Soviet regime which has carried on the exploration of profound significance.Lenin’s thought of national security ensures that the victory of October revolution todefend the legitimate rights and interests of the Soviet Russia established theinternational status of Russia independence, at the same time, provided the experiencefor poor countries to maintain national security. But today, Lenin’s thought of natureand some national security political flavor is very thick, we should clearly recognizethat Lenin’s national security thought has its era characteristics, Lenin’s ideas shouldbe placed on what he stands on the historical background of examining its rationalityand development of Lenin’s national security thought according to the reality.Fifth, the reality enlightenment of Lenin’s national security thought. Lenin’sthought to the maintenance national security in our country have important guidingsignificance to the national security. We should always put the national sovereigntyand security in the first place; Adapted to the construction and national security toconsolidate national defense and powerful army; Stick to the rich and the motherlandunifies; To adapt itself to the changing situation, sets up the new security concept; Tostrengthen the national security education, improve the consciousness of nationalsecurity; To strengthen the team of political science and law, especially to strengthenthe construction of the police force, strengthen the maintenance national securityresponsibilitiesIn view of the current domestic and foreign scholars on the research results areless, so this paper is the first systematic study on Lenin’s ideology of national security.Discussed the main content of Lenin’s Thoughts on national security and safeguardingnational security measures, pioneering the strong innovation and to a certain degreeof.The Lenin national security thought has also made a more objective assessment,both to clarify the significance of Lenin’s Thoughts on national security, and analysesthe particularity of Lenin’s Thoughts on national security, its particularity also meanshas limitations in special historical conditions of the. Analysis of these views arecompletely independent opinions after the study authors that.This paper gives a comprehensive discussion on the Enlightenment of Lenin’snational security thoughts to China, thus reveals the important practical significanceto research the subject. We should put the state sovereignty and security, always putin the first place, all-round, multi-level and strengthen the work of state security. Thispaper also puts forward some innovative suggestions in this respect.

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