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Deng Xiaoning's Common Prosperity Thoughts and Their Significance of Reality

Author HeMinNa
Tutor DaiXiaoJiang
School Chongqing Jiaotong University
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords common prosperity scientific connotation problem significance
CLC A849
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Common prosperity is a beautiful dream of human beings forthousands of years. Realizing common prosperity is the request of thesocialist essence and the goal. The common prosperity of Deng Xiaoping’sthoughts is an important part of the theory of building socialism withChinese characteristics. The realistic meaning of the research is helpful topeople to understanding and grasping the common prosperity thoughtsmore scientific and more accurate, and then use the scientific theory toguide our practice, and it can achieve the ultimate goal of human commonprosperity.This article is based on the research of common prosperity of DengXiaoping’s thoughts and practical significance. First of all, the analysisstarts from the common prosperity of Deng Xiaoping’s thoughts of thesocial and historical conditions and forming process. Its formation processis divided into germination, formation, improving. During the old age,Deng Xiaoping was also taken his attention on the assignment problem.This article takes this problem into the fourth stage of his commonprosperity, which make it more integrity; And then use Deng Xiaoping’srelated description as the main basis to discusses the main content of thecommon prosperity of Deng Xiaoping’s thoughts, and summarizedcommon prosperity is the unity of three basic characteristic, efficiency andfairness, opposes equalitarianism and against polarization, some people andsome regions get rich in a earlier stage and some people and some regionsget rich in a later stage. Then based on China’s current situation onrealizing the common prosperity road are eager to success the commonprosperity goal, to analyze these phenomena’s harmful performance in reallife. It makes us recognize problems and situation, give people warning;Finally in the above on the basis of study summarized the commonprosperity of Deng Xiaoping’s ideological theory meaning is helps us tocomprehensive, objective and scientific understanding and grasp of thecommon prosperity of Deng Xiaoping’s thoughts, for the scientificdevelopment view to provide the theoretical basis for; It has a realisticsignificance in guiding Chinese characteristic socialism modernizationpractice and beneficial to correct the realization of common prosperityappear on the road the wrong tendency, to ensure that China’s characteristicsocialism construction smoothly.

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