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The Impact of the Vietnam War to the Japan-US Alliance

Author FengYuan
Tutor SunLiXiang
School Central China Normal University
Course History of international relations
Keywords The Vietnam War Japan-US Alliance Japan America
CLC D815
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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This thesis systematically investigates the impact of the Vietnam War to the Japan-US Alliance. The Japan-US Alliance is a product of the Cold War. Since it established, It has a significant and lasting impact on the international situation, especially the situation in the Asia-Pacific. And in the1960s of the Vietnam War is also a product of the Cold War, Its outbreak is very important to the evolution and trend of the Japan-US Alliance. Based on time axis, this thesis systematically investigates and explores the problem.This thesis consists of three parts. The introduction, body and conclusion.The introduction part, mainly illustrates the origin and significance of the topic, the research content and methods, and summarized the status quo of this problem at home and abroad.In the first chapter, mainly introduces the establishment and evolution of the Japan-US Alliance before the outbreak of the Vietnam War. Firstly, it makes a brief review on the establishment of the Japan-US Alliance after World War II. Then, adjustment of the Japan-US Alliance in the1960s is analyzed. Last, it objectively analysizes the influence of the establishment and adjustment of the Japan-US Alliance.In the second chapter, mainly discusses the interaction between the United States and Japan in the Vietnam War. This chapter launches a discussion around the cooperation and game of these two countries in the Vietnam War. Through the analysis of "Japan’s assistance to the U.S. invasion of Vietnam, the Japan-US trade friction, the negotiation about the return of Okinawa and two Nixon Shock", it reveals the subtle changes of the Japan-US relations in the Vietnam War, and the redistribution of the internal mutual rights and obligations of the Japan-US security mechanism.The third chapter is the focus of this article, which makes a deep exploration of the impact of the Vietnam War to the Japan-US Alliance. It analysizes the impact of the Vietnam War to these two countries firstly. On this basis, this chapter makes clear, with some emphasis, about the impact of this war to the Japan-US Alliance relations, especially focuses on the impact of the Vietnam War to the role transformation in the Japan-US Alliance.In the conclusion part, mainly summarizes the impact of the Vietnam War to the evolution of the Japan-US Alliance. On the basis of former three chapters, it draws three conclusions on the Japan-US Alliance’s trend. Finally, the author calmly thinks about how to deal with the tripartite relations of China, Japan and America with the current international situation.

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