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Government Emergency Management in Information Age and Construction of the Informatization Platform Model

Author LiFeiFei
Tutor XiongHuiXiang
School Central China Normal University
Course Agricultural Extension
Keywords Information age government emergency management Informatizationapplication Model construction Informatization countermeasure
CLC D035
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, information technology which leading the third technological revolution has brought the impact spread to every corner of society and people’s production and life behavior has undergone enormous changes. Traditional government emergency management response already exist such problems as not timely, inefficiency, lack proper handling, can not coordinate with relevant parties and reduce the impact of hazards to a minimum. So the mood not satisfied with the government amount community people are increasing which threatening to the public order and social stability. Currently in the process of government emergency management, the progress of information technology construction is slow, and the application of information technology is inadequate. These have become a bottleneck that influences the government emergency management. Our government has achieved some achievement though pay attention and continued construction in the emergency management informatization aspects, how the government use information technology make more effectively role in government emergency management, how to improve efficiency in emergency management and build a reasonable and efficient emergency management information platform system has become an inevitable trend in the development of government informatization.It is against this background, the paper start from the government emergency management and informatization basic theory, and theoretical research paralleled with case study. Try to build an optimized government emergency management information platform model based on the domestic and foreign related cases and the experience of informatization construction. In theoretical research, by summarized nearly two decades of government emergency management and government informatization relevant literature and combing theory research, build government emergency management informatization analysis framework for the following studies of actual cases. In the instance of investigation, the paper analysis and describes the construction and application of domestic and foreign government emergency management aspects of information technology, citing Guangzhou government’s emergency response of UCplus and GIS systems. Then through comparative analysis, summary and conclusion, build an optimized information platform model of government emergency management and further give several informatization aspects suggestion of to improve our government emergency management response. The six parts of this paper is as follows:The first part is about the introduction. Discussed the study background and the significance, made clear the study objectives and research methods, built the main content frame of government emergency management informatization research.The second part is about the information technology and government emergency management related concepts, which introduced the concept and characteristics of public crisis, the information age characteristics and the challenges for the government emergency management, describes the informatization and information technology, government informatization, government information management and further illustrate the role of government and its significance in government informatization.The third part is the analysis of government emergency management and information technology applications which including status and application of informatization to foreign government emergency management and to explain our government emergency management informatization construction, introduced the Guangzhou municipal government UCplus and Emergency GIS systems. And finally make comparisons between the domestic and foreign government emergency management information.The fourth part is about government emergency management informatization model building which functional analysis the model, elaborated specific architecture and workflow, introduced each of its eight subsystems, their operational principle, and the relationship between them one by one.The fifth part is about the countermeasures to improve government emergency informatization. This part according to the Chinese government emergency management information system development problems, to the background and experience in domestic and foreign government emergency management informatization construction, put forward some countermeasures to improve our government emergency management from the perspective of informatization.

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