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Politics Analysis on the Expression of Network Public Popular Opinions

Author WeiFeng
Tutor ZhangAiLi
School Hebei Normal
Course Political Theory
Keywords Public opinions expression network popular opinions public participation network participating in government and political affairs
CLC D035
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The rapid development of Internet science and technology has brought colorful elementsfor our society, which makes people communicate with one another more smoothly andconvenient. Recently it plays a more and more significant role in people’s daily life. Internetis not only a entertainment platform but an important carrier for the exchange of information.As the critical carrier of community interaction, it gradually becomes a place where the publicexpress their own wishes and ideas, which empowers the government affairs to be moreunclassified, supplying energy for enhancing political interaction, providing a beneficialchannel for the masses to protect their own interests positively.Since2003the stream of popular opinions has surged on the Internet, which played aconsiderable role in the process of promoting solutions of some public events. In the recentyears, people’s consciousness of democracy and participating in government and politicalaffairs in our country has been upgraded dramatically. The expressions of the network popularopinions mainly focus on protection of citizens’ own rights, inspection of public powers,advocating of public morals, and so on. Network popular opinions expression creates anassisting strength for our nation’s democracy process by its unique mode.The article is composed of three parts: introduction, text and conclusion, according toorganizing structure and content to be interpreted.The Introduction part shows a brief introduction of chosen topic significance of thearticle, the present situation of study and research at home and abroad, study and researchthinking, methods and innovations.The text is divided into four parts:The first part is about the outline of network popular opinions expression. It not onlydefines the network popular opinions expression in concept but summarize its particularity,that is characteristics of diversity on expressing main body, raw ecologic natures ofexpressing contents, characteristics of no cost on expressing platform, shocking effects ofexpressing results. This part also explains the course from showing its power for the first timeto rising abruptly outstandingly and finally coming the steady development phase to become good tool for monitoring of public opinions.The second part is about casual analysis on political psychology of the network popularopinions expression, which puts the emergence and development of the network popularopinions expression into causative typical analysis—rational thinking, emotional catharsis andpublic opinions instigation. Meanwhile, it also combines the features of the Internet toanalyze the special political psychological causes of the network popular opinions expression,that is being able to conceal real identity, showing political participation enthusiasm, issuingmessages repeatedly to express political requirements, calling many responses to producepublic opinions strength, breaking through the limitation of time and space to spread views inall directions and promptly.The third part is about the political development of the network popular opinionsexpression, combining with the feature of our nation’s Internet development falling behindand late emerging of the network popular opinions expression, to analyze the currentimmature concrete presentation of the network popular opinions expression in our country.Government’s lacking of administrative experiences makes the network popular opinionsexpression fail to achieve its effect. In order to perfect the political development of thenetwork popular opinions expression to enable it to play an important role in the links offormulating and regulating public policies, several suggestions were come up with on thepolitical development of the network popular opinions expression, for instance, strengtheningconstruction of the systems, improving participation atmosphere of the network popularopinions expression, following the development of network, speeding up legislation of thenetwork, paying attention to the order of network, perfecting the legal safeguard system of thenetwork popular opinions expression.The fourth part is about political value analysis of the network popular opinionsexpression. From the three basic concepts of politics—political democracy, political freedomand political justice, the internal unity of the network popular opinions expression and politicswas analyzed.Conclusion section gives brief discussion on the current development state and trend aswell as significant politics sense of the network popular opinions expression, regarding thenetwork popular opinions expression as the emphasis of long-term study for academic circles.

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