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Subversion and Reconstruction: the Reseach of Famer's Anti-administration Theoy

Author LiuFeng
Tutor FanQing
School Yanshan University
Course Administration
Keywords public administration postmodern public administration farmer anti-administration
CLC D035
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Modern public administration has been instrumental rationality as the value guide,advocating technical aspects of management doctrine, which not only makes the studyof public administration lacks a rational value of critical reflection, but also contraryto the spirit of public administration, and at last leading themselves into theunavoidable legitimization crisis. Farmer’s anti-administration theory emerged in thecontext.In this paper I analyze it with normative analysis, material analysis andinterdisciplinary analysis. Anti-administration theory is constructed with the support ofthree basic theories: the postmodern public adminstration, post-modernism philosophyand positivism. It ponders the modern public administration’s limitations ofparticularistic, scientism, technology and entrepreneurial model and criticizesbureaucracy with drastic deconstruction. Under the guidance of the core spirit"imagination" it initiative the Concepts" be open to everyone, the preference fordiversity, and the meta-narrative against the established order of subversion."Anti-administration theory’s practice needs government, citizens and practice field.The government should abolish bureaucracy and seek a cooperative governance;citizens change their administrative status in order to participate as equal subjects ofpublic administration affairs, and constantly enhance administrative capacity; practiceAreas must ensure open equality, diversity and coexistence network. Its operatingmechanism is characterized by "thinking as play ", permeated by" justice as seeking"and integrated by " practice as art ".In this paper, Farmer’s anti-administration theory was evaluated objectively, onthe one hand it is difficult to read. There are three kinds of negative effections, whichis " nihilism "," relativism " and "liberal tendencies".The governance picture seemslike a utopia. On the other hand it inspires a new theoretical paradigm inadministrative circle, builds a new model of administration and promotes a newadministrative ethical principles,but it represents a kind of administrative trends.The future of anti-administrative must be anarchy, the micro-politics of local communityaction is its most appropriate field, it also indicates that the era of reconstruction ofpublic administration is coming. If anti-administration wants to become the next mostlikely winner in numerous theories, it should find its own reliable logical and otherimportant compatible contemporary social science.

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