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Inquiry investigation and localization of the western public service mechanism of responsibility in public service.

Author YaoJianGou
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School Central University for Nationalities
Course Minority areas of public administration
Keywords The western public service The responsibilitymechanism Multiple administrative system Localization innovation
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2014
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Churchill said:"The price of nobility and greatness is responsibility." Responsibility is not the ultimate goal of human beings, but is the fundamental way to realize the happiness of mankind. The dignity and happiness of human society are never fading ideals, and they can become the state of personal survival and development, but the individual cannot achieve them, they need a responsible society for each other. Public service is the foundation of human’s dignity and happiness in modern society, and it is the main function of modern government and the main field of and the modern society, its level of development being the fundamental target considering modern government responsibility quality and ability.The development of social need promotes the reform of public service, and public service reform is realized in the process of theory and practice subletting each other. Public service is produced and developed in the modern western social context. Western countries practice the main ways of government, marketing, socializing and so on when developing the public service, and they are accompanied by the localization innovation of theory of public service.The alternation and fusion of Instrumental rationality and value rationality is a common path of the theory innovation and the practice exploration of western public service, it also reflects the evolution of responsibility orientation of the development of western public service. From the fundamental point of view, responsibility realization is the common pursuit of the western public service theory and practice, and the development of western public service is the degree of responsibility. There are two defects of theory and practice in the development of public services in our country. There is a deviation between the theory and practice and the nature and development of public service, it is not enough to research the responsibility mechanism concerning the ultimately achievement about the goal of public service. It is an urgent, important project in the development of public service reform in China to screen the responsibility theory of western public service and to examine responsibility governance practice in western public service, and to analyze comprehensively and deeply the way of plight of responsibility and responsibility implementation of public service in China, and it is also the intention of the research. The dissertation starts from the basis of the theory establishment of public service and development of logic, i.e., human nature assumption discussion and presupposition, and it takes the responsibility mechanism in public services as the main line, and it analyzes and proves the relationship between the responsibility and public service, combined with analysis and the summary about the evolution of western public service responsibility mechanism theory, then it constructs the theory prerequisite of the research. The dissertation takes the multidimensional interleaving, buckled system dilemma when performance our country’s public services’ duty as the main problem. it analyzes the disadvantages of public service responsibility in China by system method; And it analyzes the characteristics and good and bad of mechanism of public service responsibility under the diversified administrative system in our country by system method. and grasp that public service responsibility mechanism is the system of a multi-component and multilayer, and the validity of the system decides public service responsibility mechanism; Practice is the source of theory, and case study is an effective way to gain scientific it is necessary for our country public service responsibility mechanism innovation to analyze public service responsibility reform in the area of different levels of development our country, and to perspective the practice of public service responsibility governance in major western countries. According to the comprehensive analysis of theory and practice, the dissertation tries to construct the general framework of the public service responsibility mechanism of our country and its validity, and it puts forward the corresponding countermeasure. This paper mainly focuses on the following aspects gradually:The first is the theory evaluation, including human nature assumption, discussion of public service responsibility mechanism and the main theoretical presupposition of the western public service responsibility mechanism. It analyzes the human nature assumption between the common but opposite value orientation "economic person" and "public man", in the public service theory. by synthesizing the two types of human nature assumption, according to the nature and law of the development of the public service, it tries to put forward the "responsibility" as the idea of public service theory logic premise, and demonstrate the inner relationship between public service and responsibility; At the same time, gives a detailed analysis of the characteristics and trend of theoretical origin, formation and development of the theory of western public service responsibility mechanism theory, and give a comprehensive evaluation to the similarity, value and limitation of the western theory of public services.The second is the analysis of the problems, including the responsibility dilemma analysis of public service in our country and analysis of three angles around the responsibility dilemma:the system, institution, practice. Responsibility dilemma is a major problem in our current development of public service, on basis of the description of the current situation of the public service responsibility institution in China; it explores many aspects of malpractice of public service responsibility system in our country and the responsibility of governance from two dimensions of internal and external system. The responsibility mechanism is an organic combination of system, from the perspective of the system; it analyzes the system environment, system structure and quality of the existing public service responsibility mechanism of the three-element administrative system including special administrative region, the ordinary administrative region and ethnic area. The development of public service responsibility mechanism has the attribute of practice, from the visual angle of responsibility, the dissertation presents and analyses the case of all kind of public service in developed area, underdeveloped area and western main countries, and compares the two public service responsibility governance of china and the western countries.The last is to construct and make countermeasures, including the general construction of public service responsibility mechanism of our country and the countermeasures of innovating public service responsibility mechanism. general construction spread mainly around the definition, discovery of the responsibility of public service, the performance and monitoring of responsibility, and validity of public service responsibility mechanism comprehensive analysis and demonstration of the foregoing chapters, and combined with the practical situation of the public service in China, the dissertation puts forward that in order to innovate public service responsibility mechanism of our country, we need to reform in five aspects in the area of public service the concept of humanity, the public service theory development, system innovation, institutional change and economic performance evaluation.This dissertation takes the responsibility mechanism in public services as the object of research, thinking that the western public service responsibility theory and practice evolutes all along the alternating and transcendence of the tool rationality and the value rationality.public service responsibility in China is facing a kind of system trouble. The basic of public service development lies in the improvement of public service responsibility mechanism, and the effect of achieving responsibility lies in the effectiveness the system of responsibility mechanism contains. By analysis and demonstration of the wide field of view and multi method, they will promote the comprehensiveness, systematic, deepness of the research about responsibility mechanism of public service it will benefit to promote the innovation of public service responsibility mechanism of our country, and it has very practical and theoretical value for the development of public services in china.

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