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Study on Local Government Performance Evaluation of the Third Party Governance Perspective

Author ZhouQiong
Tutor TangJianYun
School Xiangtan University
Course Administration
Keywords governance governance theory local government performance evaluation the third party
CLC D035
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Abstract: in twentieth Century seventy or eighty, the legitimacy foundation of thegovernment in western countries face a serious challenge, go from bad to worse thegovernment’s reputation and status, western countries generally recognize the defectsand shortcomings of traditional public administration, is to look for a new theoreticalmodel. During this period, emerge as the times require new public management theory,and shows its unique advantages, the western countries to the theory as a guide,launched a great in strength and impetus of the administrative reform movement. Inthis movement, the governance theory as theoretical school of public administrationhave greater influence on the science. The process is actually a process of people togain power, is the national power to the society and the deviation of transfer. Thetheory of governance that the government is no longer the only center of power, itmakes between the public sector and the private sector boundaries become blurred,governance emphasizes the transfer of public power, is the extensive publicparticipation, through competition, negotiation, cooperation, realize the benigninteraction between the government, society and citizens, let the government reallybecome the efficiency of government, responsible government, service-orientedgovernment, sunshine government. In this movement, the western countries strugglingto find an improved effective formulation of government management, performancemanagement and the use of the objectives for the government opened a prescription.As the government performance management is the core of government performanceevaluation, is subject to the attention of governments. Performance evaluation for thereform of government institutions, the transformation of government functions, saveadministrative costs, improve administrative efficiency play a decisive role. The thirdparty evaluation is an important form of western government performance evaluation,it is a useful supplement to the government internal assessment, is to reflect moreclosely integrated with the governance theory. Third party assessment that isindependent of the government and social organizations or institutions to evaluate theperformance of the government. Third party assessment fit governance diversificationrequirements, assessment by the government’s social organization and social publicparticipation in government performance, government behavior to score, which fullyembodies the governance theory, the transfer of power and decentralization, embodies the changing functions of government management innovation and managementphilosophy, embodies the citizens political participation is improved, it reflects thedevelopment of national democratic politics.Third party assessment is the meaning of governance, effectively reflect thegovernance, so from the governance of this new perspective to explore the localgovernment performance evaluation from the third party is important. This paperfirstly introduces the basic theory of local government performance evaluation fromthe third party, laid the theoretical foundation for the whole paper, and then introducedthe practice of our country’s local government performance evaluation from the thirdparty, the "two classic case of Gansu mode" and "Guangzhou experiment" analysis,suggested that China local government performance the third party evaluationproblems in the case study, on the basis of the western third party assessment exampleof local government performance are discussed, summarizes the western developmentof local government performance evaluation practice. The difference from thegovernance theory and the traditional administrative theory, summed up the internallogic of the relationship between governance theory and the government performanceevaluation from the third party, focusing on the relationship of effective promotion ofour country third party government performance evaluation measures.Through careful study, this paper thinks we must have a correct attitude to thirdparty assessment, and secondly to strengthen the third party organization’sconstruction, including self-discipline and talent team construction, again to promotethe development of civil society, in order to perfect the institutions of civilorganizations and citizen participation to promote the development of the third partyevaluation, finally to the system based on the third party evaluation, to promote thethird party assessment institutionalization and legalization.

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