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The Study on the Significance of Citizen Participation in Public Governance

Author XuZuo
Tutor HuangXianZhong
School Xiangtan University
Course Administration
Keywords public governance citizen participation significance dilemma regression
CLC D035
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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As an important form of public participation, citizen participation reflects the basicvalue of public administration. At the same time, it is a response of public governancetheory to the lack of the western democratic system. As seen, whether for public managers,or for the citizens themselves, citizen participation has increasingly become a trend,becoming a part of the democratic society construction. The citizen participation in socialpractice, however, faced with a series of challenges, and the importance and necessity ofitself has always been the focus of society. To get out of the ethical dilemma of citizenparticipation, achieving "good governance”, the citizen participation must be guaranteedin meaningful.From citizen participation significance level, the paper discusses the dilemma incitizen participation in public governance, mainly from the following several aspects toelaborate. First is the introduction of public administration paradigm, including themeaning of public governance theory, the historical evolution of the mode of socialgovernance and the characteristics of public governance mode. Through the interpretationof these problems, the public governance theory gets to comb again, laying a goodtheoretical basis for below. Second is the explanation for citizen participation in the doublemeaning. In this chapter, emphatically introduced in addition to participate in the dualidentity of citizens, including citizenship and civic identity, and illustrates the doublemeaning of citizen participation, elaborating from the two aspects to improve the citizenshave the necessity and possible to participate in the governance of public relations. Thirdlydescribes the significance of citizen participation: the double identity of condemnedcitizens’ inevitable conflicts in the process. The paper describes the significance dilemma,background and mechanism of citizen participation in public governance, and makes adetailed and in-depth discussion of the possible trouble. The last is the path of the plight ofcitizen participation in solving. The paper mainly analyses from four aspects: the sense ofparticipation, innovation system, participation skills and government service.Through consulting and studying the existing literature and related results, the paperstudies some empirical case as well as compares to traditional public governanceparadigm, and discusses the ways and means to solve, providing a certain theoretical basisand practical guidance to promote progress in the democratic society.

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