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The Study on Republicanism Imagery of Public Governance

Author YuanHongJuan
Tutor HuangXianZhong
School Xiangtan University
Course Administration
Keywords public governance republicanism imagery co-governance structure publicconsultation non-dominated freedom
CLC D035
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Since it was born in the1980s, Governance theory gets improved and enhancedconstantly in practice. It has been welcomed and recommended avidly by variousadministrative staffs to deal with public affairs all over the world. As a governance theory,public governance appeared in the context of the contemporary revival of republicanism.In that sense, public governance and republicanism are entangled with each other closely.While, the republicanism foundation and republicanism imagery contained in the publicgovernance have not been excavated fully and not expounded systematically. Animportant reason to cause this situation is the limitation to recognize the relationshipbetween the public governance and the republicanism. In this paper, the naturalcommunicative action of public governance has been taken as the research object, and theessence that the republicanism should be the theoretical basis of public governance hasbeen discerned. At the same time, based on the synthesized theories and methods ofManagement, Politics and Philosophy, the republican essence contained in publicgovernance has been expounded concretely and systematically through the structure,action and values of public governance, which shows how the concept of the mixedequilibrium, peace and the supreme value of non-dominated freedom from republicanismimpact on public governance. All the work is aiming at providing a development prospectfor constructing public administration with Chinese characteristics.With infiltrating the spirit of republicanism, public governance embodies as acommunicative action in essence. For the structure pattern in social governance and theaction paradigm, the public governance presents as a co-governance structure andbelongs to a communicative action paradigm. During the process of the publicgovernance, the “co-ownership”,“co-governance” and “peace” are taken as the mission,and a mixed balanced co-governance structure with four integrated subjects should bebuilt. The mode of public consultation is adopted by co-governance structure in thecourse of the operation, which is the reflection of concept of “peace” from republicanismand also presents as a cooperation way with the idea of “compatibility” and“co-discussing”. Not only does the public governance operate as co-governance actionunder the premise of non-dominated freedom, but also points the supreme value ofnon-dominated freedom. Furthermore, its implementation is guaranteed by settling thecommunity order and by providing a non-dominant public service from the government. With the advent of public governance, the social governance shifts from teleology actionparadigm to communicative action paradigm, and the concept of public governance turnto point to the concept of republicanism rather than that of liberalism. These changes cannot only eliminate the long-standing conflict among political, administrative and civil inpublic administration successfully, but also make public administration be close to theideal goal which is “public, common and peace” increasingly. Now it is the time forChina to struggle for constructing socialism common cause and achieving the greatrejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the theory of public administration with Chinesecharacteristics is bound to move towards the path of the Republican administration.

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