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The Study of Collective Corruption' Problems and Countermeasures

Author HeYong
Tutor LiHuaDe
School Southwest University of Political Science
Course Administration
Keywords collective corruption The theory of rent-seeking Collective actiontheory
CLC D035.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Corruption is now the political life in the presence of a universal phenomenon, exist in ideology, economic conditions and the level of social development is not the same countries, in today’s world, no country can be from the influence of corruption.Nowadays the rapid development of social politics and economy, people’s material fanatical pursuit led to the money, money worship and other unhealthy tendencies in vogue, has fuelled corruption and arrogance.As Acton said,"absolute power corrupts absolutely", as long as the power generation sector, such as state organs, enterprises and institutions, if the authority to use undeserved or the supervisory mechanism is not perfect enough, not enough, it is easy to breed corruption.Corrupt phenomenon is essentially a power transformation, power in the exercise of the functions in the process of a kind of non normal behavior.Because the monomer corruption risk bigger, more difficult to realize the objective of corruption, so now the collective corruption this concealment better, more difficult to investigate corruption will become new.Collective corruption is an important type of corruption, and is a corrupt general characteristics.As a result of collective corruption is a kind of collective behavior, its large size, high degree of organization, therefore, the harm of it stronger, management difficulty is greater. Collective corruption and general corruption, its features are organized, diversification, system of. Such as measures not in time, will hinder social material civilization, political civilization and spiritual civilization development.Because the various countries, regions of the corrupt political social environment is different, and the change in the society or the transition state in the collective corruption more typical, and the current China is in the economic transition stage, the rapid development of society, so based on this background, this paper selected collective corruption as the research direction.The author thinks, in the contemporary Chinese social governance under the background of collective corruption, a systematic theoretical research, but it is a necessary and important work.In order to do this work, the author fully refer to the previous academic research achievements, strictly follow the route of seek truth from facts, the comprehensive use of a variety of analysis and research methods, efforts from different disciplines to learn and absorb knowledge, opinions and arguments, closely around the theme of collective corruption, mounted a fairly long time research.The author tries to collective corruption issues of the initial exploration, for the interested researcher provides a review and critique of the May, as taught by the theory circle and practice circle of scholars and senior.This paper fully carding on the rent-seeking, corruption concept clearer vein and the current domestic and foreign scholars research results, and by2011October have been investigated for Hunan Leiyang "the fat" family unit corruption the typical cases to analyze the group corruption in today’s China and the present situation of characteristics, and specific analysis of group corruption the form, characteristics and hazards of.Based on the theory of rent-seeking and collective action theory explains why corruption will develop to collectivize direction causes, separately from the political, economic, legal system flaws are analyzed.Later, in a comprehensive analysis of the causes of corruption and governance of the group to the problems and difficulties in the foundation, proposed the target-oriented countermeasure suggestion.The article thinks, corruption is a systemic problem.While the collective corruption of the occurrence and development of the causes are many and complex, so the management from many aspects, multiple perspectives.

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