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The Thinking of Citizens' Freedom and Its Value in the Construction of Public Administration

Author ZhouZuo
Tutor ZhaoZuo
School Nanjing University of Technology
Course Administration
Keywords Citizens Original value Moral value Freedom
CLC D035
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With modern citizen’s political identity on the established again, the country’spolitical and administrative system around the citizens in a series of democratization,scientific and modern is rebuilt. Citizens as political and administrative subject moreand more influence on the modern national public policy formulation andimplementation, and then become the leading national political and administrativesystem of the key. However, along with the rapid development of the marketeconomy, more and more citizens to energy into economic activity, give up aspolitical and administrative subject of existence and a pure the existence of economic.Citizens to become the existence of economic also mean, citizens will only to pursuepersonal economic interests, and that the physical thinking citizens confined to meetthe needs of their own instincts above, it is far from gradually in public political lifeof individual moral existence. As a citizen of the source value was gradually forgottenand at the same time, the leading position in the country of citizens of the political andadministrative life begins to become more and more misfit, scientific, the modernpolitical and administrative system was unprecedented in question. And as to clear upthe citizens source value the meaning of existence, is really help awaken citizens toknow to own existence the real value is, and then play in political and administrativesystem citizens in the key subject position.Citizens in awareness and understanding of the original moral value at the sametime, tend to face the problem of multiple moral value choice, the moral value ofmany elements to form a of citizens’ moral values, each kind of moral values arecitizens can worth to pursue for the value of that of devotion. But after all the moralvalue between elements of difference, the difference between multiple moral will leadto the conflict and confrontation. Therefore, how to adjust the moral value of elementsof the multiple conflict, and bring them to the harmonious of the moral value withinthe set was born in, is the moral value choice of citizens face key problems. And as awhole the moral value of elements in the fusion and interaction between to constantrevision the incomprehensiveness of their own, thus become able to harmoniouscoexistence of value is only really depends on freedom. Freedom as moral value elements of the development of the flow and reason, and constantly make moral valuetoward improvement of their aspects elements development, thus making moral valuewill be changing and history. So free also naturally become all moral value theultimate purpose of development, which means freedom is the moral value of citizensabout the ultimate purpose of the development and ultimate value. So citizens inpolitical and administrative areas of activity, become the key of moral existence is tolearn how to political and administrative system in the construction of freedom.

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