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Research on the Administration System Reforms of China from the Efficient Perspective

Author ZhangXiangJi
Tutor ZhangXiangDa
School Dongbei University of Finance
Course Administration
Keywords Administrative reform Administrative efficiency Management system Large sector institutions
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Chinese government has always attached great importance to the administrative system reform. Since Reform and Opening, our government conducted seven large-scale government agencies and administrative system reform. Currently, China is in a critical period of Reform and Opening and Socialist market economy. But there are still many problems in our government, such as transformation of government functions is not in place, responsibilities disjointed, overlapping agencies, imperfect operational and administrative functions and management system. These problems have a direct impact on the government’s administrative efficiency, to a certain extent, restricts the all-round social progress and development. Based on this, the eighteenth National Congress of the CPC proposed deepening administrative reform, steadily largest sector reform and improves the responsibility system of government departments, construction occupational science, structural optimization, clean and efficient, which people are satisfied with the service-oriented government.Firstly, this article sorts out the related theories of administrative efficiency, then preliminarily analyze the development process, limiting factors, measurement standards of the administrative efficiency through seamless government theory, the theory of new public management, public administration, organization theory expounded on administrative efficiency and administrative the interdependence of mutual restraint reform are summarized, and summarizes interdependence of mutual restraint of the administrative efficiency and administrative reform through seamless government theory, new public management theory, public administration, organization theory that are expounded. Then on this article sorts and analyzes previous administrative reform since the founding of New China, and accumulates some experience and problems from the perspective of these reforms in administrative reforms. There are four main aspects that affecting our administrative efficiency:First, the lack of clarity in government functions, and those policies; Second, excessive administrative intervention, ignoring the role of the market; Third, the lack of scientific evaluation of government performance; Fourth, the government internal management lacks the sense of competition. In the analysis of the problems of administrative reform, this article introduces the British, American and Japanese administrative reforms to provide a reference for the Chinese administrative reform. Then there is China’s administrative reform of the reform proposals put forward, hoping to break the " compact-expansion-further simplify-reflation " cycle from the perspective of efficiency.The writing of this article is structured as follows:Chapter Ⅰ, this paper presents the research background, significance of the topic, current research, research methods, and lack of innovation. This section focuses on administrative reform from our historical background, social transition, the development of the socialist market economy and the government needs to strengthen their management and improve the credibility of the inevitable requirement of three aspects of a new round of administrative reform illustrates the inevitable choice. The government’s administrative efficiency of foreign scholars study is relatively sound, and our administrative efficiency of government research started late, the level of awareness is not enough depth to be strengthened.Chapter Ⅱ, this section describes the administrative efficiency from perspective theories of administrative reform. This chapter introduces the theory of administrative efficiency, seamless government theory, new public management theory, public administration and organization theory, aimed at providing theoretical support for administrative reform from perspective of administrative efficiency study.Chapter Ⅲ, this chapter describes the evolution and history of administrative reform in China. After the founding of China’s administrative reform process is divided into three main stages, namely1949-1978planned economy period, from1978to1998during the transition period, from1999to date, from the three stages in the process of administrative reform to sort out and analysis, from the perspective of the historical evolution of the experience of administrative reform and problems.Chapter Ⅳ, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan’s administrative reform and development process as a starting point to explore the administrative reform as western countries and the development of a typical or microcosm, through these three countries the background of administrative reform, measures and effectiveness and discusses other aspects of the problem, summed developed administrative reform Enlightenment.Chapter Ⅴ, presented to improve the efficiency of administrative perspective reform proposals. This section gives recommendations from four aspects:First, a clear government functions, the formation of the right boundary clear, rational division of labor, rights and responsibilities consistent, and efficient operation of functions of system; Second, give full play to the role of markets, reduce the government’s direct intervention, rational and effective role of the government’s macro-control role; third is to establish a scientific evaluation of government performance, government agencies and to stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff; Fourth, the internal management of the government to introduce market mechanisms to improve the Government’s competition and service awareness, reduce administrative costs.The final conclusion part had put forward the outlook of the administrative reform in our country, which is called large sector institutions. The largest sector reform in our government should follow step by step both rational, but also have the courage to make bold explorations; necessary to learn from the advanced experience of Western countries, but also to explore the administrative system with Chinese characteristics suitable mode.Innovation of this paper lies in the efficiency as a starting point to explore the impact of constraints and administrative efficiency measurement standards, and thus China’s administrative reform put forward constructive suggestions. But because of my limited theoretical level and writing materials, this paper has carried on the surface of beneficial exploration from efficiency perspective of administrative reform, the deeper research yet to be further accumulation and deepening of the stock of knowledge and theoretical level.

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