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Study on Restoration of the City Gate of Shangjing in Parhae

Author LiXia
Tutor LiuDaPing
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Architectural History and Theory
Keywords Parhae in Shangjing city gate city gate tower form research restoration design
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Parhae state is a minority government in Chinese northeast area, whosemain body is shumomohe people and combine other minorities of mohe tribe. Itwas a remote tributary state of Tang-dynasty China. Parhae construction, as onepart of the Asian construction culture group, was deeply effected by that of Tang-dynasty ; and owing to its special geographic location, Parhae construction hadsome interlinks with that of Japan、Silla、Kogury and Liao dynasty. Under suchbackground, this essay choose city gate of Shangjing city as its research objects;try to carry out the restoration design of it by using the theory and methods ofarchitecture archaeology and the results of archaeological excavations. The aimof the paper is to restore the city gate, including the layout of the city gate andmain structure of city gate tower ,which based on the archaeological achievementof the excavation of the ruins and restoration theory. The main purpose is torecognize the character of the city gate in Parhae deeply.The paper firstly analyzed the Parhae’s city and its defence, presents itsregional characteristics. Then sketched the layout and modality of the city gateby comparing it with that of other east Aisia countries such as Tang Dynasty,Japan, Gaogouli, Silla and so on both from macro perspectives and microperspectives, which lay the foundation for discussing the form of Shangjing citygate in the following text. Secondly, researching the exact style of the city gate inShangjjing. Considering the need of restoration city gate, the text also discussedthe form of rampart. Based on the introduction of the ruins of the city gate,ascertain the layout of them through analyze the form of each city gate. At thesame time, summarize the characteristic of them and analyse fundamentalcharacteristic of the whole Shangjing city gate and defence from macroperspectives. Then study the dimension of each building to ascertain theirstructures for the next chapter.According to the former analysis, on the base of the results ofarchaeological excavations,consulting the relevant buildings in Tang、LiaoDynasty and Japan’s contemporary buildings to restore city gate in Shangjingwith the historic views. At the same time, draw relevant designs and make overall comments.

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