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The Research of Government Information Resource Service for the Public and the Path

Author WeiJingZuo
Tutor TangSiHui
School Xiangtan University
Course Archival Science
Keywords Government information services The public Demand analysis Vulnerable groups Information value-added services
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The government information resources service to the public is part of publicservice of the government. To analyses the government information service needs ofthe public, is the first step of the government information services. It is also thepremise and foundation for the government information servicer to develop theinformation service. Only grasp the public information demand accurately, thegovernment information servicer could provide information resources with directedattention. Therefore, to analyses the government information service needs of thepublic, on the basis of which to put forward the path to protect the governmentinformation resource services, has very important theoretical and realistic significancefor the government information resource services to go on wheels.The article analyses the public demand of the government information resourceservices from five aspects, including the recognition of the user, the characteristics ofthe user’s demand, the influencing factors of the public information demand, the lawof the public demand and the factors which hinder the government informationservices. Professional, the ability of obtaining information, geographic region and theexpression of the information demand are the main standards to distinguish differentuser types; Public demands for the government information services have expressedby periodic law, the law of expression, restriction, Moore law, the Matthew effect andeffect of Robin Hood; Factors that affect information demands of the public includesocial environment factors and individual factors of the public; The factors whichhinder the public information demands to satisfy include that the governmentinformation servicers have not been defined clearly, the demands of the public haven’tbeen detected timely, information service content is not clear, the ways of theinformation service are not harmonious and so on.The article sets forth the path to realize the government information resourceservices for the public, from four aspects as service main body, service object, servicecontent and service model, by the basis of the demand analysis of the governmentinformation service. The article defines the service main body as government agency,archives, the public libraries and commercial institution, then defines their role andservice scope in the government information service; Realize the demands of theservice object by a variety of ways include questionnaire and on-the-spotinvestigation, especially to strengthen the focus and help for information vulnerablegroups; Service content includes the acquisition and integration of information resource, information procession, information system optimization and informationregime innovation, through which to ensure the government information service workto be carried on smoothly; The main part of service model is to improve the value ofinformation and meet specific information needs of the public by using governmentwebsites, newspapers, radio, television, cloud computing and other media as well asinformation value-added services. Through the suggestion to realize the governmentinformation service, in order to be helpful for the improvement of the governmentinformation service work.

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