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Web2.0 context RIA applications in e-commerce

Author LiShuangLei
Tutor ZhaoDanYa
School Capital University of Economics
Course Industrial Economics
Keywords Web2.0 RIA Flex E-commerce system
CLC F713.36
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Many of the current applications of the Internet as its default development platform. However, with the complexity of the application the user is ever increasing, and now the Web application for complex applications but still can not meet user requirements. Web users and more complex interactive applications, it is not satisfactory experience. Web page model is based on a model, the lack of intelligence mechanism client. Moreover, it is almost impossible to complete complex user interaction (such as the traditional C / S applications and desktop application user interaction). This technology allows Web applications to support the high cost, difficult to use, and in many respects can not play its due effect. In order to solve the traditional model difficult to build rich Web applications, the lack of complex user interaction problems, a new Internet applications appear, it is a Rich Internet Application Rich Internet Applications (referred RIA). RIA development applications can provide users with a more interactive and responsive, richer user experience. Rich Internet applications combine the interactivity of desktop applications strong, fast response and the advantages of Web applications spread wide and easy to spread characteristics, simplify and improve the Web application user interaction, thereby promoting the growth of investment income . Meanwhile, in the field of e-commerce, customer experience is becoming the focus of competition in network marketing. Many companies are trying to build more powerful than ever, online marketing platform. Traditional web application development is based on the page, the server-side data transmission mode, the application's presentation layer is built on top of an HTML page. While HTML is suitable for text. However, with the complexity of the application user requirements increasing, the traditional Web applications have been difficult to fully meet customer needs. RIA development with a good user experience e-commerce system is becoming the development direction of e-commerce systems. In this paper, the development of Web2.0, this paper introduces the concept of RIA technology, background, advantages, technical features, architecture, focusing on the most successful RIA technologies Flex. This article uses RIA technology development B2C e-commerce systems, can greatly improve the customer shopping experience on the site. Let the customer's shopping process more smoothly, reducing refresh, waiting time, reduce the number of invalid information. It also completely changed the previous interaction, so that customers can be more personalized to configure their own goods, and immediately get their final results to buy a product. RIA technologies and concepts to accelerate e-commerce innovation model and ultimately serve the customers with technical support.

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