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Researching on Image Form of the Clothing Embroidery Patterns in Miao Nationality in West Hunan

Author ZhouJinJuan
Tutor WuWei
School Hunan University
Course Art of Design
Keywords costumes of miao nationality in western hunan embroidery pattern constituent form artistic rule
CLC J523.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The clothing embroidery patterns of Miao nationality in the westernHunan are the treasures of the folk art in China. As the intangible culturalheritage, it has reflected really the cultural atmosphere and livingenvironment of Miao people. It contains flexible form、brilliant colors andthe shapes which has rich symbolic meaning, and it is the essence ofMiao clothing art.After the analysis of historical background、cultural background andthe materials and processes of embroidery in the Miao Nationality, tracesthe historical causes of the patterns. Around the material carriers andspirit of the vector of the clothing embroidery patterns in Miao nationalityin Western Hunan, analysis the costume categories and the subject matter.Analysis the formation of the clothing embroidery patterns, refines andgenerals the form symbol and the categories of the patterns. From thoseaspects of composition、visual and intrinsic, analysis the modelingfeatures of the patterns and summarizes the form of the artistic rule. Withthe form of the patterns, interprets the significance of aesthetic of theclothing embroidery patterns in Miao nationality in western Hunan. Fromthe society、history and culture background of Miao, it clarified the artpsychology of ethnic worship and auspicious which were included in the clothing embroidery patterns in Miao nationality in western Hunan. Theclothing embroidery patterns of Miao nationality in west Hunan arecontains the desire which come from Miao nationality in western Hunanwith a more wealth and good fortune life,which has reflected deeply theidea life and aesthetic pursuit of the Miao. Collects and classifies theapplication of the embroidery patterns which applied in modern design,and gets the principle of application which can provide design ideas forthe modern art design.

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