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Studies on Hu Jintao's Women Ideological

Author SunShan
Tutor XieFengHua
School Hebei University of Economics
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords Hu Jintao Women ideological Research
CLC D442.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Female population of the world between the population of nearly half the total, impacton improving the quality of Women to increase a nation’s comprehensive directly. Nationalstrength of the liberation of women is conductive to enhance overall national strength..Marx’s view of women is the basic concepts and theoretical basis of the Communist Party tosolve Chinese Women’s issues. The Communist Party make an efforts to eliminate genderdiscrimination to achieve the goal of equality between men and women. Marx’s view ofwomen is also the important part of Marx theory. In the new period of building a well-offsociety, our society has changed a lot, if we copy the dogma of the past, it is bound to affectChina Women’s Liberation. The general secretary of the CPC central collective leadershipwith Comrade Hu Jintao as adhere to Marx theory and method, keep pace with the times,connected with the international, domestic development trends, put forward a series of newtheories, and formated the characteristics of the era of Marx’s women theory.The first part introduces the formation of Hu Jintao’s ideological and social andhistorical conditions. First introduced the theoretical basis of Hu Jintao’s ideological, Analysisof Marx, Engels, Lenin’s basic views on women thought, summary of the ChineseCommunist Party’s third generation of collective leadership on the inheritance and innovationof Marx’s views of women。These are the thought and Hu Jintao women are come down inone continuous line of scientific system. Then produced The practical basis of HuJintao women thought. It points out the practice achievements of Chinese women’s work inthe new century, the new period and the new challenges and new problems.The second part summed up the main content of Hu Jintao’s ideological. It includes fouraspacts: discussion on the status of women, women on the quality, women’s rights theory andthe development of women. Discussion on the status of women: women are the half of thecomprehensive construction of a well-off society; women are the politicalcivilization promoter; women are the construction of the Harmonious Society; women arethe maintenance of ecological environment; women are an important force in maintainingworld peace. Women on the quality: the quality of women is related to national development;women should know the honor or disgrace, that sense of shame; the quality of women isrelated to social sustainable development. Women’s rights theory: safeguardingwomen’s rights and interests according to law; take women as the foundation; pay attention to the fundamental needs of women with pragmatic, direct and practical approach. Thedevelopment of women: the national development and national rejuvenation is the basicpremise of realization of women’s Liberation and equality; Women are the main force topromote their own development; Realization of women’s development goal must correctlydeal with equality, development and harmony.The third part shows practical achievements of Hu Jintao’s ideological. Firstlythe Chinese women’s status has been improved in new period significantly,including toencourage women to participate fully in the political construction; vigorously foster womencadres, develop female human resources; women’s family status satisfaction, familydecision-making more equal; women’s ecological consciousness was enhanced. Secondlywomen promote quality, including to increase investment in education,improve the culturalquality of women; Women show new appearance in the construction of socialist spiritualcivilization. women’s health has been more security. Thirdly new progress has been madein the protection of women’s rights and interests, including comprehensively promote the ruleof law; women’s legal awareness enhanced; the implementation of "the action of caring forgirls" is to improve the sex ratio at birth. Forthly Chinese women go to the world and gointo the new trend of world legal systemThe forth part introduces the contemporary value of Hu Jintao’s women thought. Inthe theory of value, it enriches and develops Marx’s theory of women; broaden the womenwork ideas. In practice, it eases the contradiction of sex and promotes social justice andharmony; promotes the development of women, promotes the progress of social civilization.The theory of women’s development and practice of Hu Jintao closely reflects theimportance of Marxism in China, the deepening and development. Marx’s women theory is adevelopment system, and also the Hu Jintao’s. With the development of the situation athome and abroad, the practice of the women’s is moving. Hu Jintao’s ideologicaland the continuous will be more innovation and development.

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